Woke US University Bans ‘Offensive’ Words Such As ‘Grandfather’, ‘Man’, and ‘Red’

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Woke university bans ordinary terms they deem 'offensive'

A ‘woke’ US university has banned staff from using ordinary words used by most Americans because they might offend or upset some students.

The University of Washington released an “inclusive language guide” last week that lists a number of so-called “problematic words” that they deem “racist,” “sexist,” “ageist,” or “homophobic.”

According to the guide, words such as “grandfather,” “housekeeping,” “minority,” “ninja,” and “lame” are considered deeply offensive and must not be uttered by anybody at the University.

According to the University, the word “lame” is harmful because it is “ableist.”

“This word is offensive, even when it’s used in slang for uncool because it’s using a disability in a negative way to imply that the opposite, which would be not lame, to be superior,” the guide declares.

The guide also warns that the word “minority” implies a ‘less than’ attitude toward others.

“When ‘minority’ is used to refer to other races or abilities, used as a generalised term for ‘the other’ and implies a ‘less than’ attitude toward the community or communities being discussed,” the guide declares.

News.com.au reports: The guide considers “grandfather” a “problematic word” because the term was “used as a way to exempt some people from a change because of conditions that existed before the change.”

“‘Grandfather clause’ originated in the American South in the 1890s as a way to defy the 15th Amendment and prevent black Americans from voting,” the guide explains.

“Housekeeping,” is another “problematic” word that the guide recommends should be avoided by others working in the information technology industry because it can “feel gendered.”

Phrases with “man” such as “manpower,” “man hours,” or “man-in-the-middle” is considered “not inclusive” and “thus sexist.”

The language guide also considers “preferred pronouns” as “problematic” because the term “preferred” suggests that “a person’s pronoun is optional.”

Language such as “no can do,” “spirit animal,” and separating groups based on certain colours is “racist” or culturally appropriative.

‘Racist tropes’

According to the language guide, using “red,” white,” or “yellow” to separate different teams is based on “racist tropes.”

“Using colours based as racist tropes — labelling [sic] ‘white’ as good, ‘black’ as bad, ‘red’ as attackers, or ‘yellow’ as excluded third parties — is offensive,” the guide states.

The term “spirit animal” is also “problematic” because it uses “cultural appropriation,” according to the guide.

Employees within the University of Washington information technology department are also encouraged to contact vendors who use the “problematic words and phrases” and ask them to avoid terms that come from “racist, ableist and/or sexist origins.”

The web page gives a sample prompt for employees to use when sending emails to vendors about this issue as well.

“Unfortunately, in working with your product/service we have identified language that can be considered offensive due to its racist, ableist and/or sexist origins,” the email prompt states. “Can you let us know what efforts you are undertaking to move away from this language so as to create a more inclusive product/service?”


  1. So then by their design we aren’t Mankind anymore We aren’t And God created Man in His own image. That’s the bottom line That’s what they’re really getting at Fundamental law and human rights. Without being Mankind we are not Divine beings and don’t have the rights of Communion because they would be offensive to them. There is no God to them except the transgender Baphonet. That’s what they’re getting too.

    • And because the Pope is God’s Steward and so as his agent owns everything in the universe and can gift it to whomsoever pleases them, by their own legal Creation, the only flybinbrbd ointment is that still God owns them. So they have to solve that by robbing God by putting everything into Satan’s name instead On the sky Without anyone to represent God in their Court. That’s what they’re really doing.

      • The only fly in the ointment I typed.. Anyway you either see or you don’t. That’s why not one of the moral authorities or even any too lawyer or judges or anyone at all has ever said anything about them using California, paradise, to them to crate the legal lawful worship of Satan and then their UN to make that global.

        • And because the Pope has been appointed by the Inter Faith Council the leader of every religion, basically secretly really by just not telling anyone who didn’t look specifically to see what they were doing, that applies to Judaism Islam budhisn shinto etcetera as well as every so called Protestant faith too. And all the priests pastors gurus iman etc kept their mouths shut or don’t even know And they’ve done it all by making themselves the rule of law and hiding everything fundamental about the law from, almost, everyone and given them instead a “working” knowledge of the law is such a way designed so that all the legal tools at every level are just their pawns doing their bidding and not even knowing AT ALL what they’re really even doing. Dumb as sheep. And too stupid to even think for themselves.

  2. Interestingly the “group” which has Always lied…
    Are the ones… Censoring any Truth…
    Are the same “believers” in ”
    our …
    Tribe Above All:

    Any name at all…
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    • Washington Bush College, South Africa knows them only too well!: To be sure, ’tis the Slovo folk spinning the ‘woke’ aka ‘asheep’ joke, from time immemorial, inversions their perversions, ‘people without colour’ aka ‘black’, as in ‘an absence of colour’, ‘people of colour’ aka ‘white’ (and The Tribe ain’t white) as in ‘the one colour that incorporates all the primary colours’, ‘progressive’ aka ‘regressive’, ‘diversity’ aka ‘white genocide’, ‘equality’ aka ‘whites discriminated against via affirmative action policies” (affirmatives inaction), ‘feminists’ aka ‘absolutely devoid of feminine qualities’, etc, where down is up and up is down, never forgetting that in the center is always their schlenter!

  3. Is the same school that is also teaching critical race theory – you know the theory that ALL white people are racist? And that every white person should pay restitution to all blacks because their black great great grandfathers MIGHT have been a slave? Ignoring of course that also Irish and Germans were slaves as well? And they call themselves a university and think they are actually teaching anything of consequence.

    • Yes. And I have speculated that our English word “slave” is derived from the name Slav, so that the Slavic peoples were at one time considered “white slaves.” And the word “servant” may be derived from the name Serb, since Serbia is a Slavic country. The letters “b” and “v” were often interchanged. Of course, this speculation of mine could be all wrong, so I am open to correction.

      • Seems like I read something about that awhile back, saying same thing you just said. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true.

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