Hillary Goes On Racist N-Word Rant

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Hillary Clinton caught going on N-word rant

A former travel chef hired by Hillary Clinton has revealed how the former presidential nominee used the N-word repeatedly towards an African-American waiter at a fund-raising event. 

The Clinton employee, who underwent a polygraph to prove he was telling the truth, claims Hillary Clinton is secretly racist.

According to Tracey Martin, Hillary hurled a tirade of racist abuse at a black server at a fund-raising event on Feb. 1 1996 – because she had been left waiting too long for her food.

Nationalenquirer.com reports:

The candidate brazenly shouted the horrifying slur during an event at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center in Washington. “It’s an HIV and AIDS clinic,” Martin said. “Hillary was hosting a tea party prior to a public appearance with Mrs. Chirac [wife of the former French president]. The Secret Service came through into a holding room where I was standing with Hillary, and at this point a tray of cookies hadn’t come out yet. Eventually an African- American gentleman came through with the cookies, and something was wrong. When he left, Hillary said: “What’s that n—-r doing in here?”

Charged Martin: “I was shocked and totally surprised — but when you’re working for the leader of the free world and in that company, you maintain your professional manner.” Speaking exclusively to The National ENQUIRER, he refused to write off the incident as an accidental slip of the tongue, and suggested the vulgar and prejudiced hatred proves she is a very different person when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“Hillary’s moves are very calculated, and she always thinks before she speaks,” he revealed. “She isn’t like most people who might say something off the cuff which they don’t mean. I believe that behind closed doors Hillary does have some racial tendencies!”

The respected D.C. chef submitted to a polygraph examination about his charges inside The ENQUIRER’s newsroom on Oct. 25, 2016 — a test conducted by certified examiner Michael Mancuso. According to Mancuso, “the subject was being truthful” when asked:”Did you witness Hillary Clinton refer to a black man as a n—-r?” and “Did you witness Hillary Clinton refer to a black man as a ‘n—-r’ while working at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center?”

Mancuso — a member of the American Polygraph Association — concluded: “It is the professional opinion of this examiner, based on the subject’s reactions to the relevant test questions, that the subject was being truthful regarding the above-mentioned issues.”

Chef Martin, 58, has also worked for Sen. Robert F. Kennedy’s family. When The ENQUIRER quizzed the chef about why he decided to come forward, he said: “It’s not about politics, it’s about human decency!” — adding: “She’s rude, unprofessional and would always arrive late. She’s obsessed with the fame her political role gives her. She’s narcissistic in that way and wants to be a celebrity. She behaves like a pop star, not the President of the United States!”

Martin began working for the Clintons immediately after Bill’s 1993 inauguration — and said he dealt with “Hillary much more than Bill.” “I thought — and I hate to use the word — she’s bipolar,” he said. “If it was an intimate setting with friends and family, then you saw the nice Hillary. Around the media, you saw the even nicer Hillary. But in a one-on- one situation, she’s a nasty person!”

“She was nasty to the Secret Service,” he added — confirming earlier ENQUIRER reports about her terrible attitude toward her security forces. “She could be nasty to anybody, unless there’s something she can benefit from. She acted like a small child!”

Chef Martin also witnessed marital troubles between Hillary and Bill. “A lot went on behind the scenes and from what I could tell, Hillary was pissed off that Bill got caught with [Monica] Lewinsky,” he said. “They are in a business partnership and they’re a money-rolling machine, that’s it. They are all about the money.”

The disgusting racist remark heard by Chef Martin supports The ENQUIRER’s bombshell revelation that her nephew was a hate-spewing member of the racist Ku Klux Klan — and that Hillary had good reason to embrace former Klansman Robert Byrd as a mentor in Washington, D.C.! Sadly, as earlier reported by The ENQUIRER, other insiders have also reported Hillary’s penchant for both racist and anti-Semitic remarks!

Sean Adl
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