American Diabetes Association Claims Eating Processed Sugar and Being Obese Is Healthy

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American Diabetes Association claims eating processed sugar and being obese is healthy

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has declared that being obese and eating lots of processed sugar is actually healthy for humans.

As part of Biden’s “fat acceptance” agenda, the ADA is now encouraging diabetics to add 60 grams of processed sugar to diets. reports: Calling those who run the ADA “sadistic biomedical profiteers,” Armageddon Prose‘s Ben Bartee says the recipe is “damn near criminal” in that it advises diabetics to consume the opposite of what they should be eating for their condition.

“Diabetics should all, without exception, in perpetuity until their metabolic dysfunction is resolved and insulin sensitivity restored, be on either ketogenic or extremely low-carb diets,” Bartee writes.

“To the metabolically compromised, sugar is poison, and all the more so when it’s processed and unfiltered through fiber.”

If the ADA were in the business of actually curing diabetes, it would provide helpful information about how to reverse it through diet and self-discipline. Instead, the organization is pushing sugar on diabetics, which is a death sentence.

“But then, if diabetics suddenly discovered their own power to heal themselves, the executives over at the ADA who make a killing off of the proliferation of disease might be forced to do an honest day’s work,” Bartee says. “And that they would never abide.”

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“Fat acceptance” driving pro-sugar insanity at ADA

To advise against sugar intake on the basis of the metabolic damage it causes, as well as weight gain, would be “fatphobic,” which is probably why the ADA is pushing loads of sugar on diabetics.

Consider a recent “FatCon” event where large people gathered to emotionally support one another in some kind of quest for self-acceptance. The types of people who attend FatCon want to be told that being fat is beautiful and normal, and that their bodies are still healthy.

The ADA seems to have embraced that same sentiment, or at least the organization does not believe that diabetics need to change their diet in any way to see their disease subside.

Another thing to consider is the fact that the new ADA recommendation that diabetics consume more sugar was paid for by a company that profits from treating kidney patients at its vast network of kidney centers.

“This dubious recommendation for diabetics to eat sugar was paid for by DaVita Corp which runs kidney centers,” tweeted Dr. Robert Lufkin, M.D. “The leading cause of renal failure is … diabetes.”

In the comments, someone wrote that he stopped eating processed sugar years ago, and has not consumed even a speck of fast food since 1994.

“Nothing from a ‘factory’ based box or bag,” this person added. “No weight or health problems at all.”

Another wrote that the ADA’s sweet-and-sour cucumbers recipe is no surprise because the Alzheimer’s Association does the very same type of thing by recommending that dementia patients consume seeds oils, which are highly inflammatory and toxic by nature.

“It’s not about health and never has been,” this person added. “It’s about keeping folks on the Big Pharma and Big Medicine train until the state gets its windfall from burial and estate taxes. We are but commodities to our government overlords.”

Someone else stressed that a big part of the globalist agenda right now is to divide everyone up into little “special communities” with the hope that doing this will herd everyone into supporting one of the two main political parties, which are technically a uni-party in disguise.

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