Nikki Haley: ‘Only Bill Gates Can Save Humanity’

Fact checked
Nikki Haley declares that Bill Gates will save humanity

Neocon presidential candidate Nikki Haley once referred to billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates as a hero who will save humanity via the mRNA vaccinations.

According to Haley, Gates deserves high praise for his efforts to jab every single person on earth with his toxic COVID vaccinations:

Thank you @BillGates for donating billions of dollars to construct factories that will manufacture the seven most promising vaccines. This will keep us from losing any time as potential vaccines move through the clinical trial process. reports: Some will say, “It’s just an old Tweet.” To those people I would agree that by itself it would not be a big deal, but her body of work and expression of current opinions demonstrate this was not just a one-off slip up. Instead, it’s indicative of her core stances that empower Big Pharma, Big Tech censorship, trans-supremacy, globalism, and Neoconservatism.

Others will point out that Trump’s stance on the jabs hasn’t been much better. This is true. I’ve stated multiple times on the record that I would support the first conservative candidate who disavowed all forms of medical tyranny, called for an immediate end to the Covid “vaccine” program, and promised to launch investigations into the culprits who advanced Pandemic Panic Theater. That candidate never emerged. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is not a conservative and promotes an economic policy to the left of Joe Biden. Ron DeSantis, while arguably better than Trump on Covid policies, still toes the Establishment line on the jabs.

We can debate who among the current candidates would be best for the nation, but there are two names that should not even be in consideration. Joe Biden (or his replacement candidate) is obviously not an option. Nikki Haley is a close second as someone who should never be allowed in the Oval Office.

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