Video: 5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Spacewalks

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Learn 5 incredible facts about spacewalks.

On May 11, 2013, two ISS astronauts successfully completed a spacewalk to fix a coolant leak. Spacewalks, technically called extra-vehicular activity or EVA are the finest examples of human innovation and courage. Here are 5 incredible aspects about a spacewalk according to NASA:

Number 5 – You might get in trouble with cops for driving over 60-70 mph, now imagine going at 17,227 mph. That’s the average speed of the International Space station when astronauts get out of their protective environment inside the space station to perform a spacewalk.

Number 4 – The temperatures that astronauts face during a spacewalk could range from 250 degrees fahrenheit to -250 degrees fahrenheit depending on their position. What’s the temperature like in your neck of the woods today?

Number 3 – For a typical spacewalk, astronauts may utilize anywhere from 70 to 110 tools.

Number 2 – It takes about 45 minutes to put on a spacesuit. And before heading out, the astronauts breathe pure oxygen for more than an hour. By the way, putting on a spacesuit is called donning and taking it off is called doffing.

Number 1 – Susan J. Helms and James S. Voss hold the current record at 8 hours 56 minutes for the longest spacewalk.

How do you like the idea of being out in space for almost 9 hours, traveling at thousands of miles per hour?

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