Nostradamus Predicted Hillary Clinton Presidency

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Nostradamus predicted that Hillary Clinton would become President

An author has deciphered a Nostradamus quatrain that apparently predicts a 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential win. 

In a book entitled NOSTRADAMUS: The Complete Prophecies for The Future, author Mario Reading lists a future timeline with significant events that take place between 2001 and 7074. reports:

The book itself was first published in 2006 by one of the world’s most renowned experts on Nostradamus. While there have been countless works evaluating the predictions of Nostradamus, there has been little success in deciphering the dates or periods to which the predictions were to come about.

In this particular book, Mario has supposedly deciphered the key to dating Nostradamus’ popular predications. Nostradamus arguably foresaw the Twin Towers disaster, the Iraq War, the devastating tsunamis, and the flooding of New Orleans. This book also provides predictions that are yet to come, including Hilary Clinton assuming the presidency of the United States, the demise of the British Monarchy as well as the predicted dates on which these events are to take place.

Hilary Clinton becoming president

Predicted date: 2015

Nostradamus’ prediction:

Vers Aquilon grans efforts par hommasse
Presque l’Europe et l’univers vexer,
Les deux eclipses mettra en tel chasse,
Et aux Pannons vie et mort renforcer.

English translation –

The Masculine woman will exert herself to the north
She will annoy nearly all of Europe and the rest of the world
Two failures will put her in such an imbalance
That both life and death will strengthen eastern Europe

Authors (Mario’s) commentary:

Hillary Rodham Clinton will be sixty-eight years Old in 2015, and possibly either in her first or second term as US president. If the two quatrains dealing with the assassination Of a world leader and its aftermath (10/26 and 5/8 – 2006-20081, pan out as Nostradamus predicted, then by 2015 Mrs Clinton would be three quarters of the way through her first term.

During Roman times, Pannonia was a tribal area in eastern Europe bordered by Epirus in the south, and the Danube in the north, and which covers the equivalent today Of much Of Austria, Greece, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Albania, and even parts of Bulgaria and Turkey. Velleius Paterculus thought the Pannons untrustworthy, and Ammianus made much of their cunning and versatility. Mrs Clinton appears to annoy them.

Nostradamus’s image Of the ‘masculine woman’ obviously has nothing whatsoever to do with appearance or hormone count, but should be taken as implying a woman who rakes on a job usually done a man. In this case, trouble occurs in the northern part of Europe. The Americans, under Mrs Clinton, intervene. The same powder keg that has been exploding ever since the Pannons were a thorn in the side of their Roman masters explodes yet again, this time in response to a different form of imperialism.

Summary of authors notes:

Hillary Clinton, having become the first ever female president of the United States, proceeds to alienate much of eastern Europe.

My own notes: I find this prediction interesting enough to share on ATS, in this particular forum as the 2015 date has already passed however we are only just in 2016 yet this prediction was made 500 years ago! Hilary is currently running for president and is looking like a strong candidate. She has just recently been nominated for the presidency by her political party, winning out over Bernie Sanders and putting her ahead of Donald Trump in recent polls.

Now imagine Hilary Clinton wins the presidential elections of 2016, Nostradamus will have been damn close on this prediction, close enough to forgive a predicted date of 2015, just one year off. That is just scary, I mean as far as I know Mario, the books author, evaluated this prediction ten years ago.


  1. on a previous Nostradamus article it said he predicted Bernie Sanders to be the president. If you keep guessing, then eventually you might get it right 7 then claim accuracy

  2. The quatrain cross-references to Century: 8 Quatrain: 15.

    refers to the North, most likely above the 50th latitude. The U.S.A. is
    below the 50th, London, Berlin, Kiev, & Moscow are above. Which
    narrows down the potential “masculine” female candidates. Although
    it may currently seem to best fit Merkel, as it involves Northern &
    Eastern Europe (Pannon=Hungary-Poland). Roberts assigned 8:15 to Catherine
    the Great who broke up Poland into smaller pieces.

  3. No… the masculine woman is, definitely, Merkel… Not Hillary. Not that Hillary is particularly pretty but Merkel… achhhh… 😛

  4. Actually, it could refer to Hillary’s tenure as SecState. She traveled all over and “annoy(ed) nearly all of Europe and the rest of the world”, and two failures that strengthened eastern Europe (Russia) was the scrapping of the missile defense shield (without any concessions from Russia) and the terrible mishandling of the Arab Spring (including the Syrian Civil War) which has led to a major resurgence of Russian influence in the Middle East.

  5. CLEARLY this is Angela Merkel has annoyed most of Europe – yes we are all annoyed by her even the Germans – nothing to do with the USA – I just read this quatrain to my ten your old and he said Germany should really get a new leader… obvious even to a child

  6. If Nostradamus were alive in Old Testament times, he would have died via some large stones.

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