President Trump Retweets “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself”

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President Trump retweets claim that Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself

President Trump retweeted a bombshell tweet on Sunday that claims billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

POTUS retweeted an April 25 post by former GOP congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine that defended the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Included in her tweet was the line “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

“…and Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself,” wrote DeAnna Lorraine.

Convicted pedophile and child trafficker to the elite, Jeffrey Epstein, collected a lot of VIP friends and acquaintances, including, politiciansmembers of British royalty, and powerful businessmen.

Epstein allegedly had “dirt” on hundreds of his VIP friends, according to child procurer Ghislaine Maxwell.

The looming threat that hundreds of powerful people were about to be implicated in Epstein’s child sex scandal, along with the unusual circumstances surrounding his death, have fuelled rumors that the billionaire was killed in federal jail white awaiting new sex trafficking charges in 2019. reports: The White House didn’t respond to a Law&Crime request for comment. Trump and Epstein had a falling out after trying to outbid each other for the same Palm Beach mansion in 2004, according to The Washington Post. Epstein later faced allegations that he abused teenage girls, but his 2008 guilty plea in a Florida state court barely reflected the scope of the claims against him. He dodged possible federal charges at the time after reaching a cozy agreement in 2007 with then-U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta, who would go onto work for the Trump administration as Secretary of Labor.

Anyway, Sunday’s retweet isn’t the first time a curious claim popped up on Trump’s account this way. It’s not even the first time this happened with Lorraine! Last month, she tweeted a post that critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. It included “#FireFauci.” The White House later poopooed the idea Trump would fire the doctor.


    • I was also wondering about Jeb Bush. If you remember his reaction to the piece of paper passed around at the old man’s funeral, he seemed to have the strongest reaction.

    • Your’e asking the right questions….also what about Les Wexner and Gizlaien Maxwell and the MosSad? How is it OK for “Intelligence” to abuse children in the name of national security for Israel or the US?

  1. the epstein story is a completely controlled slide story. The elite are satanic pedophiles whom believe in human sacrifice, blood drinking, cannibalism, sex magic (often with underaged boys), and so on.

    The epstein story summary, these rich guys like young girls, even as young as 15. They let them leave after and go home.

    Differences: the elite start raping kids at 18 MONTHS old, even their own children, its called satanic ritual abuse. The elites victims are enslaved, there is no freedom to go away from them after. The media WILL NOT AIR true stories of people exposing this, only controlled slide stories make the news.

      • George Norey just did a show on SRA (satanic ritual abuse) and they talked about the operation paperclip; nazis who brought that tech over to the us and started using it . Mind fracturing children to be assets and his guest claimed there was a real “demonic” element which was hard to believe…but at this point i wouldn’t rule anything out.

    • it would make sense , if you get so rich and life is not a challenge anymore, a person may venture for something more exciting and pushing the limits to make things not so boring. and owning the local law enforcement, you would not worry about getting caught. I think they are into this crap, big time. the evidence is all around.

  2. We know Always with everything, anything to find whose guilty follow the money and see who stands to maximise the profits. Epsteins Foundation was donating 200 million dollars a year to scientific research into mind control and no doubt that would conveniently tie in with Gates microchip but trillions in profits are on the line and now Epsteins out and did he have the inventions he funded patented or licensed to his estate. We won’t know now.

  3. Beware the TWEETER in Chief Trump and his terrible Tweets! Meanwhile he
    can’t even stick by his own Executive orders to halt Immigration during
    the virus crisis.

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