Ghislaine Maxwell: Epstein Files Implicate Hundreds of VIPs

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Ghislaine Maxwell warns Epstein documents implicate hundreds of VIP elites

Hundreds of powerful people will be implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein child sex scandal, according to Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorney.

Lawyers representing Epstein’s alleged “child pimp,” Ghislaine Maxwell, told a judge on Wednesday that as many as 1,000 people, including “celebrities,” are implicated in sealed court documents from a 2015 Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit

The 10,000 pages of documents were part of a 2015 lawsuit by Epstein’s “sex slave” Virginia Giuffre Roberts. reports: They settled their lawsuit in 2017 and the case docket was made private, keeping all the allegations secret. 

In August, in light of the pedophile’s arrest on human trafficking charges, an appeals court ordered that any pages of the case files which represented public interest should no longer be kept secret. 

Around 2,000 have been released but thousands more are still under lock and key. 

On Wednesday, Judge Loretta Preska listened to lawyers for Maxwell and Roberts at a hearing in New York court to determine if and how she should release any more of them.  

Preska did not decide on whether or not to release the remaining pages on Wednesday, but has instructed the attorneys on both sides to file written briefings about them. 

They have to categorize the documents into three types and then decide which will be released. 

Roberts’ attorneys had argued that all but the social security numbers and names of underage victims should be released but the judge rejected her argument.  

Maxwell, who has been named as Epstein’s madam by several of his accusers, was not in court.  

Her attorneys are arguing against releasing the remaining pages, claiming that the names of the 1,000 ‘non parties’ should not become public. 

‘There are literally hundreds of pages of investigative reports that mention hundreds of people,’ Jeffrey Pagliuca, Maxwell’s attorney, told the court on Wednesday.

The lawyers must now submit written briefings on how they think the remaining files should be split up and released. 

The hearing follows a letter to the court from a John Doe – one of the many people named – who said it would be unfair for him and others to be dragged into the public scandal engulfing Epstein’s world. 

‘As a non-party to these proceedings, Doe lacks specific knowledge about the contents of the Sealed Materials,’ his lawyers wrote. 

‘But it is clear that these materials implicate the privacy and reputational interests of many persons other than the two primary parties to this action, Giuffre and Maxwell,’ they added. 

The documents contain ‘a range of allegations of sexual acts involving Plaintiff and non-parties to this litigation, some famous, some not; the identities of non-parties who either allegedly engaged in sexual acts with Plaintiff or who allegedly facilitated such acts.’

The files that have already been released include Roberts’ unpublished memoirs about her years with Epstein and Maxwell. 

She describes in the memoir how she was forced to have threesomes with the pair when she was a teenager and claims she spent her youth in sexual servitude to them before escaping in 2002. 

She also describes nights on Epstein’s Caribbean island during which Al Gore and Bill Clinton were present as dinner guests. 

There are mentions of the Simpsons creator Matt Groening, whose feet she says she massaged on a private jet, and of Prince Andrew who she claims she had sex with multiple times – a claim he vehemently denies.  

Roberts lawsuit also includes the names of other women who say they are victims of Epstein and women who Roberts says worked for the disgraced pedophile as ‘recruiters’. 

Epstein died in his cell in Manhattan at the beginning of August. 

His attorneys say his death is suspicious and that the injuries on his neck indicate he was murdered. 

Some of his victims, namely Chauntae Davies, say they believe his death is suspicious because he was too egotistical to commit suicide and likely thought that he would beat the charges.   

Since his arrest in July, questions of who he may drag down with him have been abundant. 

Some critics say he was protected for years by his vast network of impressive politicians, billionaires and celebrity friends.  


  1. That’s why we will never see the black book or full flight manifests to the island. Everyone of them a murder suspect!

    • The whole point of Epstein’s arrest is to expose ALL of these pedophiles. That is what Trump’s goal is and he will get it done, he ALWAYS does, I’ve watched him for over 40 yrs.

  2. Epstein is just ‘one of MANY’ human traffickers. We can add to this list DynCorp [Stephen Feinberg] and Greenwood Aviation [Les Wexner], as well as Frank Giustra [Uranium One], and the list goes on. President Trump must declassify EVERYTHING and let the American people decide without MSM interference.

  3. Some of the most wealthy and powerful in government and commerce which affects all of us are on the list. If they are engaging in areas that have control in our lives, we are absolutely entitled to know who they are. So are their Wives/husbands and Daughters.

  4. Lame stream media is bought and paid for so they report what they told to report – you rarely find aggressive independent reporters swimming against the tide they are the ones who report TRUTH because no one owns them

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