Seattle Freeway Shut Down By BLM Protesters

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BLM seattle

Black Lives Matter protesters took over a Seattle, Washington, freeway and shut down the traffic on Monday.

The protest had started as a Martin Luther King memorial march on Monday afternoon but a broke off and began to occupy the Interstate 5 freeway, sprayeding ‘BLM’ on road and forcing a police response.

Breitbart reports: Another tweet from Seattle KTTH radio host Jason Rantz shows a large group of protesters marching along a surface street near the freeway. At one point, the camera turns to the freeway where police are seen making arrests.

As police approached the freeway protesters, several resisted and then sat down on the freeway.

The officers eventually moved the group to the center retainer wall to make the arrests. This move allowed some lanes of traffic to re-open on a limited basis.


  1. they don’t care if you are late for work or late picking up your child or trying to get to the hosptial to see a dying relative. To them, the only thing that matters is BLM>

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