Bill Clinton Flew Multiple Times on Epstein Flights With Underage Girls Dressed like Candy Stripers

Fact checked
Bill Clinton flew numerous times on Epstein flight where underage girls were dressed like candy strippers

Nearly every time Bill Clinton flew on one of Jeffrey Epstein’s planes there were underage girls present dressed like candy stripers, Miami detective Mike Fiston claims.

On Saturday night Fiston joined Jesse Watters on Watters World to discuss the Epstein investigation. reports: Fiston interviewed Epstein’s pilots during his investigation. One co-pilot told Fiston that Bill Clinton flew on the plane often with underage girls.

Mike Fiston: He told me the stewardesses on the planes were very young girls. He couldn’t tell me if they were 15, 16, 17. He didn’t know their ages but they were very young. Definitely not over 18.

Jesse Watters: And Bill Clinton was on those flights?

Mike Fiston: Numerous times. And the way these girls were dressed, he would describe them as candy stripers.

Jesse Watters: You’re saying on the flights that Bill Clinton was on with Jeffrey Epstein, the stewardesses many of them were underage were dressed as candy stripers?

Mike Fiston: Correct 26 times I believe.