Chinese Man Kills 17 Potential Witnesses To Cover Up Parents’ Murders

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A ‘socially awkward’ Chinese man from southwest China has confessed to killing 17 of his neighbors after killing his own parents in a conflict over money.

The 27-year-old had returned to his hometown village of Yema in China’s mountainous Yunnan Province to ask his parents for some money to settle gambling debts.

Canoe News reports:

Cops say Yang Qingpei, 27, argued bitterly with his parents over his finances. The Chengdu Economic Daily reported that the “socially awkward” Yang had racked up massive gambling debts.

Xinhua reported that when his parents refused to bail him out financially, Yang exploded, killing them in a demonic rage.

But the young man apparently feared he would be pegged as the killer.

So cops believe he slaughtered 17 neighbours — including three children — in the tiny village of Yema, in Yunnan province, apparently to eliminate witnesses. Cops have not said what instruments were used to commit the vile deeds.

He was later arrested in Kunming — about 200 kilometres away — just hours after the neighbours’ corpses were discovered.

China’s dictatorship has been busy playing down the slayings to the point there is almost no coverage at all. One expert told the New York Times that the country’s leadership is increasingly cracking down on the press.

“It doesn’t have to raise a red flag politically or ideologically for them to censor it,” David Bandurski told the Times.

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