Is The Deep State Operating Under The Cover Of ISIS In France?

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Strange things are happening in France.

Gardeners mowing a church lawn in western France noticed some strange comings and goings by men driving a white van.

After further investigation they discovered ISIS terrorist paraphernalia behind the church that authorities say belonged to the military training of the Joint Center for Nuclear, Radiation, biological and chemical defense.

They say it was just an exercise.

Others say the Deep State may be organizing a false flag ISIS terrorist operation in France.

Or that they might be setting up some patsies to fall under the ISIS flag.

How is the following story possible in a country which is in a state of emergency because of ISIS?

Above Top Secret reports:

In France, In a town called Saumur, gardeners employed by the town made a strange discovery. They went to work on an old church. Behind that church there are old natural caves. When they arrived there they saw 3 men getting in a white van and leaving the place. So they went to see inside that cave. They a found ISIS flags, audio and video stuff, newspapers in Arabic, a generator.. So, they immediately alerted the local police, which in turn alerted all the other services of the state : national police, antiterrorist forces, the prosecutor of the republic, the scientific police, etc..

Turns out, it was “just an exercise”, led by the military center for nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological defense, allegedly of course. But no one was aware of that exercise, not the local police, not the antiterrorist forces etc.., no one but some general in the army. The question is, why would they need ISIS flags and stuff in Arabic for an exercise, and a generator ? Why didn’t they inform at least the local police that there was an exercise going on ? Because that’s usually the case. Usually government officials are informed, and the local population too in some cases.

It is to be noted that they almost always find ISIS flags in some car, or in some apartment shortly after a terrorist attack, and also stuff in Arabic. This looks like a deep state operation to me. An operation that is led by some state service, in the shadows.

There are almost no articles in French MSM regarding this, and if there are, it is just a short article to say that military personnel have been mistaken with terrorists.

Only this link digs deeper and ask all the relevant questions.…

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Everything is in French.

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