Fukushima Radiation Causing Mutation In U.S. Animals

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Fukushima radiation is causing mutations in animals in the USA

A mountain lion with a second set of teeth growing out of its head was found in Idaho, which scientists are saying may have been caused by Fukushima nuclear radiation arriving from across the Pacific ocean. 

While experts have not been able to agree on the cause for the weird mutation, they fear that radiation may be the most obvious cause.

Superstation95.com reports:

Regional wildlife biologist Zach Lockyer told Idaho State Journal the unusual deformity had left experts stumped.

‘It’s a bizarre situation and a bizarre photo,’ he added. ‘We may never know why those teeth are there.’

The hunter which killed the mountain lion had been planning to take the rare kill to a taxidermist.

But Idaho Fish and Game’s Southeast Regional Office, in Pocatello, are hoping to bring the carcass in for examination.

They are hoping X-rays and analysis may reveal the mystery to why the big cat developed such a fearsome second set of teeth.  Radiation from Fukushima is the most obvious cause; mutations of animals in Japan has been taking place since the nuclear plant melted-down, releasing tons of highly radioactive material into the atmosphere.

That radiation was carried by prevailing winds, across the Pacific, to the USA.

Doctors fear these types of mutations will begin hitting humans too.


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