Soybean Oil Is Worse For You Than Sugar: Causes Weight Gain, Health Issues

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Sugar is not good for us – and it is something that we are inundated with as a society.  It causes diabetes and many other health issues.  But, new studies suggest that there is an oil out there that is worse for you than sugar:  soybean oil.

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Soybean oil worse than sugar

Recently published in the journal PLoS One, researchers uncovered that soybean oil is far worse for you than sugar. To come to their findings, researchers fed mice a series of diets consisting of 40 percent fat. The first diet consisted of mainly saturated fat from coconut oil. The second diet was unsaturated fat stemming from soybean oil. Mice were also fed alternative diets of high-fat containing fructose.

Researchers believed the mice who were fed the fructose diet would gain the most weight, but to their surprise the results showed otherwise. It was in fact the mice who consumed the soybean oil that gained the most amount of weight. In comparison to the other diets, mice who were fed soybean oil gained nine percent more weight than the fructose group and 25 percent more weight than the coconut oil group. Furthermore, these mice had fattier livers and insulin resistance – both early signs of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Although researchers are still unclear as to what exactly makes soybean oil so unhealthy, they suggest soybean oil affects the genes that determine how the liver metabolizes fat.

If you’re skeptical that a study like this can’t hold true because it was conducted on mice, know this: The mice were given dosages of each fat in current amounts of what average U.S. adults consume. Furthermore, genes in mice livers and humans are similar.

Researchers suggest limiting your intake of soybean oil is essential, but as it’s one of the most commonly used oils in the U.S., this may be difficult. Avoiding processed foods is a good start to curb your intake of soybean oil. And when cooking, opt for healthier oil choices such as olive oil or even coconut.

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