Jill Biden Presents Biological Male With “International Women Of Courage Award”

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Jill Biden awarding transgender

First Lady Jill Biden honored a biological male with an “International Women Of Courage Award this week, in what has been described as a slap in the face to women across the globe.

It would seem that men are a lot better at being women than women are…

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted, ‘It’s International Women’s Day – a good time to remember that Democrats can’t even tell you what a woman is’

Mrs Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken hosted the 17th annual International Women of Courage Award Ceremony on Wednesday. The event took place at the White House for the first time.

Transgender activist Alba Rueda from Argentina, was among eleven people who received an award at the event.

InfoWars reports: The announcer at the ceremony even introduced Rueda as “a transgender woman who was kicked out of classrooms, barred from taking exams, refused job opportunities, subjected to violence and rejected from her family.”

Twitter users responded with harsh criticism of the White House’s decision to honor a biological male on a day meant to recognize the women of the world.

One person called the stunt “insulting to women everywhere” and labeled Jill Biden the “worst First Lady ever.”

Another Twitter user said the Bidens are “making a mockery out of women.”