UK Newspaper Calls For The Arrest Of Covid Lockdown Health Secretary Matt Hancock

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Matt Hanock

The Daily Telegraph issued a headline this week calling the arrest of the disgraced former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

“Matt Hancock should be arrested for wilful misconduct in public office,” the British newspaper paper wrote, citing the recent leak of over 100,000 private WhatsApp messages revealing the UK government’s Covid discussions.

InfoWars reports: The article’s author, Allison Pearson, wrote on Twitter Wednesday, “Even at the height of WW2, Government never used propaganda to frighten its own people. This lot did. Kids killed themselves, mental health collapsed. Unforgivable. Matt Hancock should be arrested wilful misconduct in pub office.”

Pearson slammed Hancock for lying about hospitals overflowing with patients in order to “frighten” the public, bringing NHS to its knees due to lockdowns, and “using children with special educational needs as leverage.”

The author also expressed hope Hancock will be brought before a Select Committee, adding, “Personally, I would like to see him in jail for the vast hurt he has caused.”

Continuing, Pearson said she’s aware of care-home resident families planning to use the WhatsApp messages in upcoming lawsuits against the corrupt former UK Health Secretary.

Researcher and lecturer Dr. Eli David accurately highlighted the importance of the Telegraph article in a Twitter post Tuesday, writing, “Today for the first time a major mainstream media (The Telegraph) in a Western country (UK) called for arrest and prosecution of health minister (Matt Hancock) for his Covid crimes. The first domino has fallen.”

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