Whoopi Goldberg Demands Trump Be Fined $10 Million For Posting on Campaign Website

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump must face massive fines every time he posts on the internet, including his own campaign website, according to The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

According to Goldberg, judges must clamp down on Trump’s ability to communicate to the public by denying him his first amendment right to free speech.

“I would like the judge to say, ‘You know what, D? I think from now on, every time you disparage or run over some other law that we’ve gag order, we’ve put it, it’s going to cost you $10 million,” Goldberg said, to applause from the liberal audience.

Daily Caller report: Judge Arthur Engoron ruled Sept. 26 that Trump and his company were liable for fraud in a case brought by Democratic Attorney General Letitia James of New York over Trump’s financial dealings. He fined Trump $5,000 on Friday for violating a gag order by not removing a post from his campaign website about a law clerk, and he issued a $10,000 fine on Wednesday after Trump called him “very partisan” while talking to reporters.

According to Goldberg, these figures must be increased massively to deter Trump from opening his mouth in public ever again.

“I feel like he thinks 5, 10 million dollars — $10,000 — doesn’t mean anything. Five, 10 and so he just keeps doing it,” Goldberg added. “But if you had to put your hand in your pocket and find a quick 10 million, I think he might shut up.”

Engoron ordered in the September ruling that several business licenses Trump held were to be rescinded. He also accepted claims that accused Trump of overstating the value of multiple real-estate properties, including Mar-a-Lago, the Florida estate he owns.

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Real-estate experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation that Engoron’s ruling greatly undervalued Ma-a-Lago, which some considered to be worth more than $250,000,000.

“This judge has already found Trump liable for fraud, he’s already been found liable for fraud,” co-host Sunny Hostin said. “The judge also already ruled that Trump committed years of fraud by inflating his wealth and assets. He also removed business certificates from the Trump organization, the entire organization. Trump, himself, and two of his sons. The only thing that the judge’s determining now is whether or not he has to pay $250 million.”

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