Scientists Develop ‘Airborne mRNA’ To Vaccinate Populations Without The Need For Consent

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Scientists at Yale University have developed a new form of “airborne mRNA” that they claim can be rapidly deployed to vaccinate large populations without their knowledge or consent.

As the globalist elite continue finding it harder and harder to convince humanity to submit to Covid jabs and endless boosters, they are having to find cunning new ways to force their jabs on us.

According to the researchers, the new airborne mRNA delivers the vaccine right into people’s lungs, bypassing the need for injections. The method has already been used to successfully vaccinate mice intranasally, which has “opened the door for human testing in the near future.”

While scientists may celebrate this invention as a convenient method to vaccinate large populations, without the need to seek consent, critics are raising serious concerns about the potential misuse of an airborne vaccine.

Science Translational Medicine‘s editor Courtney Malo explains that the airborne vaccines can be used to vaccinate the public for Covid without relying on injections – or the need to seek consent.

“The ability to efficiently deliver mRNA to the lung would have applications for vaccine development, gene therapy, and more,” Malo said.

“Here, Suberi et al. showed that such mRNA delivery can be accomplished by encapsulating mRNAs of interest within optimized poly(amine-co-ester) polyplexes [nanoparticles].

“Polyplex-delivered mRNAs were efficiently translated into protein in the lungs of mice with limited evidence of toxicity.

“This platform was successfully applied as an intranasal SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, eliciting robust immune responses that conferred protection against subsequent viral challenge.

“These results highlight the potential of this delivery system for vaccine applications and beyond.”

Slay report: Molecular physiologist Mark Saltzman, who led the team of Yale scientists, says the new mRNA delivery method will also be used for gene editing in the future.

According to Saltzman, the inhalable mRNA vaccine “successfully protected against SARS-CoV-2,” and that it “opens the door to delivering other messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics for gene replacement therapy and other treatments in the lungs.”

For the study, mice received two intranasal doses of nanoparticles carrying mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines proved to be effective in the animals after delivering mRNA into their lungs.

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Saltzman says he now has high hopes for the airborne delivery method, beyond vaccines:

“In the new report, there is no intramuscular injection. We just gave two doses, a prime, and a boost, intranasally, and we got a highly protective immune response. But we also showed that, generally, you can deliver different kinds of mRNA. So it’s not just good for a vaccine, but potentially also good for gene replacement therapy in diseases like cystic fibrosis and gene editing.

“We used a vaccine example to show that it works, but it opens the door to doing all these other kinds of interventions.”

The team of scientists believes their new “Air Vax” could “radically change” how people are vaccinated by circumventing unpopular injections.

Saltzman says this “new method of delivery could radically change the way people are vaccinated.”

He claims that the system will make it easier to vaccinate people in remote areas.

The scientist also boasts that the “Air Vax” can be used to vaccinate people who are afraid of needles.

An airborne vaccine also makes it possible to rapidly disseminate it across a population, Saltzman notes. By releasing the vaccine in the air, there’s no need to inject each person individually.

Rolling out vaccines that require injections is not only time-consuming and expensive but also difficult if an individual objects to the shot.

This isn’t the case with an airborne vaccine, however. The “Air Vax” can be released into the air without the public’s consent or even people’s knowledge. The objective is to get as many people exposed as possible with the least amount of cost and effort.

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  1. I think they would be seriously risking ovdosing people who were already vaccinated And what happens to people who are allergic Who do they sue etc etc

    • A scientific study concluded that half of animals injected died . How will they deal with that in their saving thevenvironment and protecting wildlife stance .What will happen to the birds and bees the insects and the chimpanzees. How can theyvdeliver the correct dose to a baby and a 300 ton hippoglycemic obesity
      No it’s a atupid thoughtless dangerous idea not logical or sensible . It’s just alarmist imo

  2. Reminds me years ago chemtrails and data about morgellons disease and artificial blood in the stratosphere well. All you collected would vanish from harddrive and others mentioned the same online. Well they probably spray us already with a mixture of poisonous carcinogenic stuff without our consent. Depopulation agendas are full running evrywhere.

    • So, if the country is being poisoned with chemtrails, thousands would know. Over the years, there’s not ONE whistleblower? No one told a souse or GF? No. People can’t keep secrets. They wouldn’t go out there and poison a population without someone coming forward. Plus, how do chemicals being sprayed into the air keep elites protected? You have to think of all the talking points of this, not just claiming the air is being poisoned. It’s an unreasonable argument.

  3. Yeah I’m not buying this one because if they had airborne mRNA why would they ever need to implicate themselves in the biggest crime against humanity by forcing people to get jabbed?

    This all goes back to the long time news of the Military trying to weaponize the Flu virus without success.

    You should look into that as it’s a stark admission that Flu is not caught in the way you think it is and is actually a result of a decreased immune system rather than “passed onto someone”.

    This is why the only way they could get this to work is if they bypassed your immune system by way of an injection because our immune systems are just too good at tackling anything but when you bypass it through physical injection it is powerless to stop.

  4. This is Nuremberg hangings & what will happen to anyone who tries this. Moderna has never ONCE brought a product to market, so these airborne vaccines would be experimental, therefore experimenting on humans without consent. This is Hitler territory here.

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