UK: Asking Women Out Is ‘Sexual Harassment’

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UK gov poll says asking women out is a form of sexual harassment

Most people in the UK view asking a woman out for a drink as a form of “sexual harassment,” according to a new YouGov poll.

No, this is NOT satire.

After the tragic murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard in London, protestors have demanded a number of draconian measures to tackle “misogyny,” including a 6pm curfew for men.

These same people are also calling for “misogyny” to be considered a hate crime – a ludicrous proposal that will NOT deter potential murderers and rapists from committing their heinous acts. reports: Absolutely none of these professional activists demanded that the law be changed so women who carry pepper spray aren’t hit with the same legal penalty as they would be for carrying a gun, which is currently the law in the UK.

The moral panic is now so hysterical that lines are being blurred to the extent that normal male behavior towards women is being treated on a par with actual predatory criminal activity.

A YouGov survey asked respondents, “Which potential forms of sexual harassment do European women most commonly experience?”

One of these forms of “sexual harassment” is “Asked you out for a drink.” This is placed on a par with men flashing their genitals and physically assaulting women.

One wonders how men and women are ever going to meet each other if asking a woman out on a date is deemed to be a form of misogynistic harassment.

However, such views aren’t just shared by women.

Men have had all their confidence and natural masculine inclinations so browbeaten out of them by modernity that a survey by the Economist in 2017 found that a full 25% of millennial men in the United States think “asking to go for a drink” is a form of sexual harassment.

The numbers now are probably even higher.

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