Following Victory In Syria Putin Seeks Involvement In ISIS Battle In Iraq

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared a “complete victory” against ISIS terrorists in Syria, saying the militants had been totally driven from both sides of the Euphrates River.

Putin said the military operation was now finished, and that the focus would switch to a political process that would eventually involve presidential and parliamentary elections.

Russia says it is ready to start talking with the U.S. about helping to destroy what remains of ISIS in western Iraq.

Anti War reports:. Russia has advocated substantial political reform within Syria, though with many rebels expecting to be installed outright, they generally oppose any “reform” that stops short of that, or that involves elections which current officials may participate in.

Not that Russia’s troops are going anywhere. The Syrian war is still ongoing further to the west, around the Idlib Province. Russian defense officials are also suggesting they are interested in getting involved in the ISIS war in neighboring Iraq.

With the US estimated 3,000 ISIS fighters remain in Iraq and Syria, Russian First Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Valery Gerasimov is calling for dialogue with the US and joint operations within Iraq to destroy what’s left of ISIS and prevent them returning to Syria.

This is extremely unlikely to happen as a joint operation, with the US extremely averse to any serious cooperation with Russia, and having previously warned Iraq against letting Russia get too involved in the fighting in their country.


  1. Maybe Russia, China, and the US should focus not only on political reform in Syria, but reconstruction of the devastated country and getting the millions of refugees back to their homes.

  2. The only way to prevent the US from continuing their march toward a New World Order is to eradicate ISIS which is exactly what Russia is doing to the chagrin of the globalist cabal.

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