British Gov’t To Consider ‘Legally Euthanizing’ Millions of Elderly To ‘Save the Planet’

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British government looking at plans to euthanize millions of willing elderly citizens to save the planet

The British government are considering proposals to legally euthanize millions of elderly citizens as part of a WEF plan to save the planet from “global boiling.”

British politician Lester Queripel has urged the government to roll-out the WEF’s euthanasia laws, which he argues would save the taxpayer money and make Britain more eco-friendly.

As The People’s Voice has previously reported, several Western nations have begun implementing the WEF agenda to depopulate their nations.

Queripel told the Health & Social Care Committee that the UK is suffering from financial problems, which euthanasia would solve.

According to the politician, “legal euthanasia” could help save the government money.

Neon Nettle reports: Claiming they need to save £1 million ($1.22M) per year in spending, he argued that “considerable savings could be realized if assisted dying was to be introduced here in the island.”

Queripel further asked the committee how many people had been kept alive over the past five years when they could have died instead.

He continued by questioning how much medication, staffing, and treatment had cost taxpayers.

His proposal was strongly condemned, however.

The board said they support assisted suicide.

Nevertheless, they said that speaking about it from a financial perspective was distasteful.

“From a HSC perspective, consideration of assisted dying should be from the core principles of health, dignity and pain management,” HSC President Al Brouard said.

“HSC considers that discussing such an important and emotive subject through an economic or financial lens is inappropriate.

“The committee does not support the terminology being used in this question.

“Our goal is to support people to have a dignified death, free from avoidable distress and suffering, and it does not count or evaluate patient experience in this way.”

Other assisted suicide advocates complained that Queripel’s words harm the assisted suicide movement.

Still, Queripel doesn’t regret his words.

“They keep on saying they need to make savings, so I put in a simple question,” he said.

“They say we need to look at everything, so this is the next logical step.

“Many people don’t want to keep on living and I think we need to put a figure on that.”

In 2018, Guernsey rejected the legalization of assisted suicide.

Meanwhile, another Channel Island, Jersey, is moving toward legalization by 2025.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and obviously HSC has no will to do this work,” Queripel complained.

“Jersey [is] ahead of us and so are many other places.

“This is an issue that won’t go away.”


  1. It’s true they really have made the world so horrible lots if people reject it In fact suicide I
    think is actually the leading cause of death in the young now .
    But since about 25% of the human resources , not scarce so of no value , aren’t jabbed and at LEAST another 25% only had 1 hab years ago that wore off completely ,then since half the world is effectively unjabbed surely the terrifying COVID strains of deadly pathogen will have wiped out about 3 billion people by now .!.Maybe they’ve lost count of the corpses .

  2. Unfortunate some people are practicing killing animals as hobby. And they don’t want to miss such beastly dabble. They think their money and power can do anything under any false excuses.

  3. It’s Called Premeditated Murder – We Have Been Made Aware Of ‘their’/”Babylon’s” Global agenda.

  4. so many have managed to convince themselves that the covid jab is safe and effective, there should be no question as to the efectiveness of what they propose for the elderly useless eaters, and just so long as they can avoid accidently needle sticking themselves as they administer the potion into grandma’s frail muscle it should probably be accepted as safe. What a sick fkn world we have allowed to happen

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