BREAKING – Pentagon Tourist Rushed to Hospital with Symptoms of Ebola

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Female staff at Pentagon taken to hospital with Ebola symptoms

A female Pentagon tourist was observed by Pentagon security at 9am this morning vomiting on a shuttle bus in the South parking lot. She also apparently exhibited other Ebola-like symptoms and was rushed to a nearby medical facility.

The parking lot and an entrance to the Pentagon have been closed off. According to Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Tom Crosson:

“She was on the bus. She said she was sick. She got off the bus. She threw up in the parking lot. The bus is now being set aside as the authorities decide the next step.”

Pentagon spokeswoman Lt. Col. Valerie Henderson also confirmed that the woman had recently traveled to Africa.

Others on board the shuttle bus are still being quarantined while HAZMAT crews decontaminate the bus.

Pentagon parking lot evacuated

Pentagon parking lot evacuated whilst HAZMAT decontaminate area

It is not clear whether anybody inside the Pentagon have been affected. We will give you more information as this story progresses.