Shocking: GMO Bananas To Be Tested On American Students

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Shocking: GMO Bananas To Be Tested On American Students

Genetically modified or GMO bananas with artificial levels of beta-carotene, are due to be tested on volunteer female college students.

‘This project is being funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is intended for cultivation in poorer countries where vitamin A deficiencies are widespread. What’s insane is that you can eat two or three medium sized carrots and have your vitamin A for the day, but I guess that’s beside the point’, reports Higher Perspective :-‘Opponents argue that it’s unsafe to test these bananas on human subjects without previous tests on animals’.

These tests are to be carried out on the students without any previous animal testing, so it is not known what the impact will be to  the students’ health.

‘GMO bananas is not the first global project that is offered as a solution to vitamin A deficiency worldwide’ as Healthy Food House reports:-  ‘The forerunner of bananas was infamous project “golden rice” enriched with pro-vitamin A, which has so far failed all tests’.

As compensation for their participation in the study, the students’ will receive 900 dollars.

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