New Study Reveals Covid mRNA Jabs Killed ‘3.5X More Americans Than Virus Itself’

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Bill Gates and WHO colluded together to make millions on COVID pandemic insider trading.

Experimental mRNA Covid vaccines pushed on the public resulted in “3.5 times more American deaths” than the virus itself, according to leading data analyst Steve Kirsch.

Kirsch, an MIT graduate and founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, said he is so confident about the new data that he will bet $1 million that vaccines killed more people than the virus.

“I’m willing to put a million dollars on the table that this is right and that the vaccines have killed more people than Covid,” Kirsch stated. “Any takers? If not, why not?”

Kirsch revealed the findings in response to criticism from an LA Times journalist regarding a study by MSU Professor Mark Skidmore.

Skidmore’s peer-reviewed paper indicated that 217,000 Americans died in 2021 alone due to the Covid mRNA vaccines.

Kirsch, planning his survey, surveyed over 10,000 Americans, asserting that his results, methodology, and survey underwent rigorous review by expert statisticians and epidemiologists none of whom detected any errors.

“I’m willing to put a million dollars on the table that this is right and that the vaccines have killed more people than Covid,” Kirsch stated.

“Any takers? If not, why not?”

“When I called Professor Norman Fenton and informed him of the 3.5X figure he calmly replied ‘I’m not surprised.’”

Kirch also said he welcomes “any epidemiologist(s) with a h-index of 20 or more [who] wants to publicly challenge the 3.5X result in an open public discussion.”

During the study, Kirsch’s analysis of the first 9,620 found 804 deaths from COVID-19 and 2,830 deaths from the vaccine.

Those results were generated from a minimum of 108,000 people covered by the survey.

Some extended families were over 25 people and the survey didn’t track this so the number of total family members covered by the survey is a lower bound.

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The survey didn’t ask about the age of each family member as this would have made the survey unmanageable.

The study primarily focused on the ratio of Covid deaths to vaccine deaths in the extended family, excluding the immediate household.

The reason for excluding the immediate household is to reduce the bias effect since most of the respondents didn’t vaccinate themselves or their household. This is reflected in the lower ratio for the household statistics.

Kirsch explains that “no fancy math is needed to calculate the ratio” as it is simply: 2830/804=3.5X.

“It is simple and straightforward,” Kirsch notes.

“No sleight of hand. No trickery. No Cox Proportional Hazard manipulation. It’s all verifiable raw data.”

Finally, Kirsch says he encourages so-called “fact checkers” to independently verify his findings.

“I’m happy to have independent fact-checkers validate each of the entries with the submitter directly (subject to their consent of course),” he states.

“The deal though is that if you want to validate the data, you have to agree to publish your findings.”

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