North Carolina Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Voter ID

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voter ID

On Friday North Carolina’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of voter ID.

The State’s hight court also ruled that felons have to complete their full sentences before being given the right to vote again and affirmed the power of lawmakers to draw redistricting maps.

The leftists can’t be very happy, as the Democrats can’t seem to win unless they cheat.

NBC news reports: The North Carolina Supreme Court reversed itself Friday on whether partisan gerrymandering and a strict voter ID law violate the state Constitution, in a pair rulings with implications far outside the state.   

The court — which flipped to GOP control in January — said in February that it would break with tradition and revisit two high-profile voting rights rulings not long after the previous Democratic-controlled court had ruled against the Republican-controlled state Legislature in the cases.

The redistricting ruling sets up North Carolina to return to legislative maps that give Republicans an aggressive edge over Democrats both locally and in the U.S. House. It also offers the U.S. Supreme Court an opportunity to sidestep ruling on a broad legal theory tied to this case.

The North Carolina Supreme Court had previously said partisan gerrymandering violated the state Constitution’s free elections protections, but the new Republican justices said they were wrong to do so.

“Our constitution expressly assigns the redistricting authority to the General Assembly subject to explicit limitations in the text. Those limitations do not address partisan gerrymandering,” they wrote.

They dismissed the case and said the state Legislature can redraw the maps.

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