Proof That UFO’s Can Travel At Warp Speed? Special Report

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This year at the annual Disclosure Conference, there was some compelling evidence presented that brought to light that there is a likelihood a UFO could – in fact – travel at a “warp speed” to get to Earth and back.

Whatever your beliefs on the subject, Collective Evolution’s article “Evidence For Warp Drive UFOs” [1] is pretty fascinating.

They say:

Every year thousands of videos surface that depict UFOs inside earth’s atmosphere. They come from all over the planet, and although many are fake, some seem disturbingly real. UFOs have been captured on video going back many decades, and have come to be more aptly accepted as a reality in recent years.

A decade ago, the “Disclosure Project” summit was held to discuss the reality of alien craft appearing in earth’s atmosphere. Attendees included air traffic control workers, government intelligence personal, and military officials from a variety of branches. All of them conclude their statements by acknowledging that if asked, they would testify what they are saying to be true, under penalty of perjury:

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UFOs depicted on civilian video vary in size and design, but one predominate feature appears to be relatively common- their incredible speed. Ask someone if they’ve ever seen a UFO, chances are they will remark about how fast it traveled, usually from a standstill.

By physiological nature, human bodies are not rigidly designed to endure high impact or pressure. G force can exert enough pressure on a body to cause serious injury, even death. Did you know that when you get into a car accident, the G force you feel from the impact rivals what astronauts feel as they blast off from earth? Although it may seem fast, it’s actually not. The G force you would feel if you suddenly shot away at the speed and immediacy that the crafts in the London video do would most likely be lethal on a human being. Your organs would be ground up against your spine and ribs; your eyeballs mashed into the back of your head.

NASA Physicist Harold White announced a few years ago that he was working on a potentially game-changing spacecraft – “Warp Drive,” a theoretical engine that would allow a craft to travel faster than the speed of light. In very rudimentary terms, the craft works by bending space in front of and behind it. This action would create a sort of bubble around the craft which, in theory, could allow for faster-than-light-speed travel. Those aboard would perceive the craft to be moving, despite the fact that there would be no acceleration. In short, it’s a G-force free way to travel. If it worked, the craft could provide travel to Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system, in just 2 weeks… despite the fact that it is 4.3 light years away.

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Unless aliens don’t age, or live for tens of thousands of years, they would need to navigate the vast universe in a feasible amount of time. As we understand the size of the universe, light speed just isn’t a feasible velocity for interstellar travel- you would need to go faster to make any trip worth while. Of what we can observe from videos that have surfaced over the years, UFO craft travel at incredible speeds, and often do so from a standstill. The G force exerted on any biological entities within these craft would be subject to a G force that would likely be lethal for any human. This yields two possible explanations- either alien bio-structures are disturbingly durable, or they are using warp drive to travel without feeling the exertion of Gs, and the theory really is possible.





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