President Trump Urges Europe To ‘Build a Wall’

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European leaders should "build a wall" across the Sahara desert in order to stop the flow of migrants, according to Trump.

President Donald Trump suggested European leaders should “build a wall” across the Sahara desert in order to stop the flow of migrants crossing the Mediterranean, according to Spain’s foreign minister. 

According to Josep Borrell, President Trump dismissed the scepticism of Spanish diplomats – who pointed out that the Sahara stretched for thousands of miles – saying: “The Sahara border can’t be bigger than our border with Mexico.”

President Trump successfully wooed voters in the 2016 election with his campaign promise to build a “big, beautiful wall” across the southern border — and his insistence that Mexico will pay for the construction.

The Spanish foreign minister’s comments were made at a lunch event in Madrid this week and widely reported in the Spanish media.

We can confirm that’s what the minister said, but we won’t be making any further comment on the minister’s remarks,” said a spokesman for the foreign ministry.

President Trump is thought to have recommended that Europe build a wall during the visit of Spanish King Felipe and Queen Letizia to the White House in June this year.

Spain has found itself on the frontline of the European migration crisis, with more than 33,600 migrants and refugees arriving by boat so far this year alone, with at least 1,723 dying at sea in the attempt.

The drastic increase in migrant arrivals this year, already triple the total for the same period last year, shows the migrant crisis is only accelerating, with no end in sight. Spain has now overtaken Italy and Greece as the main destination for migrants crossing the Mediterranean and entering Europe’s porous southern border.

The huge number of arrivals on Spain’s coast has strained reception facilities and infrastructure. The issue has also become a political issue with ordinary Spaniards unhappy about the mass migration. Many people accuse the socialist government of double standards and of being too soft on immigration.

Would Donald Trump’s idea to build a wall solve the migrant crisis in Europe?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. There’s no need to build a wall, certainly not in the Sahara desert.
    Europe has already a wall in its southern border: that is what we call Mediterranean sea.
    It is sufficient to do what europeans have always done during the centuries: make Europe the Fortress Europe.
    It means that Europe, like Dalai Lama said some days ago, belongs only to europeans. So, any ngo linked to Soros must be banned, as Victor Orban does in Hungary, and any leftist idiot, who says idiocies such as “nobody’s a stranger in my country”, must be sent to jail.
    In the extreme cases, extreme measures must be taken, what has always been the normality in Europe.
    But today such extreme measures are considered by leftists as contrary to human rights. It is lie. If that were true, Europe would already disappeared as a civilization centuries ago.

  2. Spains the perfect climate for African migrants to rehouse themselves and Im sure they’re only too wiling to accommodate foreign arrivals as part of their Catholic Benevolence towards the poor and outcast.They can fit millions and millions more in there yet.Im sure the very idea of a Wall would be repugnant to their hospitality,their brotherly Fraternity and their intolerance of national racial segregation’s.

  3. USURY –abolished– the American republic in 1933.

    RED CHINA TREASON has certainly been pulled off.

    Engineered demographic COLLAPSE is upon us.

    And –‘monetized’- – – GENOCIDE is next on the agenda.

    KEEP running that CLOCK !

    And, whatever ya’ do, KEEP that TRANCE with ALL your ‘fave’ INTEL RUN – – -talking images !

    MAO smiles

  4. Asking a white person to stop self-destructing is like asking a black person to stop eating chicken or an Asian, rice. I can’t tell you where worthwhile Europeans on both Europe or North America are going to end up collectively, but it sure as hell ain’t NY, Chicago, LA or France, Germany or England.

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