British MP’s Hold Emergency Commons Debate About Trump’s Travel Ban

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British MP’s have been granted an emergency debate in the Commons to discuss Donald Trump’s controversial Muslim travel ban.

Calls for the debate came as a parliamentary petition calling on Prime Minster Theresa May to cancel or downgrade Trump’s planned state visit to the UK gathered more than a million signatures in around 24 hours.

Thousands of people took to the streets in protests in London and other cities around the UK against the controversial travel ban on seven mainly Muslim countries.

Downing Street has said that cancelling Trump’s State trip would be a “populist gesture” and “undo everything” achieved by Theresa May during her trip to the US last week.


The prime minister Theresa May said the invitation to Donald Trump to make a state visit to the UK “stands” and that the UK and US maintain a “special relationship”.

May declined three times on Saturday to condemn Trump’s executive order during a press conference in Turkey.

Downing Street released a statement overnight saying the government did not with this approach.

On Tuesday a group of MP’s will decide if the petition calling for Donald Trump’s state visit to be ditched will be debated in Parliament.

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