Dozens of Pedophiles Arrested in Massive U.S. Child Sex Trafficking Sting

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Police in Arizona bust massive pedophile ring

Police in Arizona have arrested 21 pedophiles in connection to a massive child sex trafficking sting.

Surprise Police say the suspects were arrested during “Operation Back to Skool,” a Valley-wide investigation where detectives “placed ads on websites commonly sought out by suspects seeking illegal sex acts.”

“Operations of this type are a part of the Surprise Police Department’s continuous effort to reduce the demand that fuels child sex trafficking and exploitation of children in our community,” police said in a statement. reports: Surprise Police say they partnered with authorities in Glendale, Goodyear, Peoria, and Scottsdale — as well as Homeland Security, U.S. Marshals, and the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office — during the operation.


  1. These are the Small Fry. What’s needed are the Deep State Illuminati pedophiles who are protected by the “Law” and by the Media; the Super-Rich pedophiles. Roll these people up and see major changes in the United States politics.

    • All goverments are are sham the rich OWN YOU and there is nothing you can do to stop that anywhere.2-3million kids go missing every year 200-300,000 in the USA alone since forever NO ONE STOPS THAT ZERO GOVERMENT GENICIDE BY THE RICH

      • There’s a rumor of a Cult that uses children in death rituals in the United States that needs a constant supply of children to kill.

  2. Oh get list I’d teens want to have sex that’s theur business If they’re teenagers don’t bloody call it pedophilia lying pos.

    • IF you had a child or a brain you would`nt feel that way.EVERYDAY a teen ager gets raped and murdered every day.Under age is under age and than again EVERYDAY a teen ager gets raped and murdered.MOST rapist also murder to shut up their prey.Been there lived that and now with flash mobs on smart phones dispatched by GANG members you can`t defend anyone and when they SWAT you and 20 cops show`ll know WTF is WTF.YOUR SICK DOG get help

    • Human trafficking Gang members ROB/Rape and murder even little old ladys with cash and houses-they rape and sell babys.They kill whatever is a risk to them.In the 1960`s I was raped at like age six by some gang member more than a few times on the grade school play ground.The FBI came in and blew his tass away as I watched/I still think they did the right thing to that gang member and I would never defend anyone whom trafficed ANYONE at any age/Your way past sick get help before your hurt yourself or someone

    • Stay in your country where there are sexual service workers and lords&knights but even there if you get busted with a under aged your history like in the news of late

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