Fully Jabbed Canadian TV Reporter, 24, Dies “Suddenly and Unexpectedly”

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Fully jabbed TV reporter dies suddenly - doctors baffled

Fully jabbed TV reporter Matthew Rodrigopull has died “suddenly and unexpectedly” at the age of 24, according to reports.

Rodrigopulle died at his home of a heart problem, despite previously having no health problems. “Fact-checkers” and the mainstream media are trying to deny that the experimental gene-therapy injections could be linked to his untimely passing.

Rairfoundation.com reports: It is undisputed that the 24-year-old presenter Matthew Rodrigopulle was “fully vaccinated” and “fully boosted.” 

The editorial staff of the Canadian news channel “Global Regina” is proud that all of its employees have received the controversial injections. The young man also recommended vaccination and wearing masks through social media appearances.

Rodrigopulle was particularly proud that children in Saskatchewan are now being “vaccinated” from age five.

A fellow moderator stepped in front of the camera and burst into tears when she announced the death of her colleague. Public speculation began about the reporter’s mysterious, sudden, unexpected death on September 4th.

Dubious “fact checker,” Malaysian technology news and information website Techarp explains in 10 points why Rodrigopulle could not have possibly died from his numerous gene vaccinations. The pro-vaccine site, started by Adrian Wong, claims that Rodrigopulle died of “natural causes.” However, on the page linked as evidence, there is a statement that he died of a congenital heart defect. There is no evidence for such a preliminary diagnosis. 

Furthermore, the “fact-checkers” declares that Covid “vaccine” side effects always occur immediately and that the spike protein is only in the body for a few days. However, this is not a fact that is in evidence anywhere; on the contrary, it is not known when the side effects of the various gene therapy shots are no longer dangerous.

Wong’s site, widely sourced by left-wing media, claims the deceased’s family would not have blamed the vaccination and that any connection to the injections can be ruled out. However, this so-called fact check is astonishingly irresponsible and dangerous and used by Covid vaccine advocates to spread disinformation.

The facts show: The young man was vaccinated and died unexpectedly of heart problems, just like hundreds of thousands of other young people worldwide. Some may be congenital defects; others may not. Only an autopsy could provide clarity, but this is usually refused and not often encouraged by medical professionals. As a result, scores of people suspected of dying due to the gene therapy injections are being cremated shortly after their death.

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