Spike Lee Concerned Trump Won’t Leave White House: ‘Are We Coming to a Civil War?’

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Hollywood Director Spike Lee says he's concerned President Trump won't leave the white house after the election, which will lead to a civil war

Hollywood director Spike Lee says he is concerned that if the presidential election is close in November, President Trump will not leave, causing Lee to wonder if the U.S. might then lurch into a civil war during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday.

“From the very first person that died for this country, Crispus Attucks, in the Boston massacre, the very first person died for this country was a Black man.”

We have been fighting, putting our lives on the line for every single war for the promise to be recognized as human beings and full citizenship. Here we are in this dreadful year 2020, and Black and brown people, Black and brown trans people, are being shot down like animals. Like it’s all right. And this guy in the White House and what he’s done and what this just level of hate, Anderson, it’s heartbreaking,” Lee told Cooper.

“I pray to God this guy is out November 3rd. Also, I like to bring this up. I think you talked about this, too. I have — I think there’s going to be shenanigans, some skulduggery if he loses, particularly in a close vote, he might not want to leave,” Lee continued.

They say law and order. Later for that. Anderson, are we coming a civil war – the next civil war in the United States of America? I ask you that question.”

“I can’t have a restful sleep. I mean, run of black and brown people being murdered, shot down for no other reason because of their skin,” Lee added.


  1. The election deniers were all on the Democrat side and are now burning and looting our cities demanding governance.

    It’s not Trump we have to worry about, it’s the domestic terrorists and their masters in the Democrat Party!!

    TRUMP 2020!!

  2. I am more afraid that Mars Blackman will create another tasteless movie full of his shitty Afro-Centric baloney.

    There’s a infinitely higher chance that Spike Lee’s BLM monkey boy buddies will riot-loot-steal-assault-kill honest people again than there is of Trump doing anything Lee’s fugly face is claiming he will do.

    Projection is all these diversity clowns have to offer anymore.

    • All Trump will do is look at himself in the mirror and brag about his “accomplishments”. His pro-wrestling stunts foreshadowed his Presidency. It’s all show-business…two sides of the same coin. We were given false hope, I hate to say. He’s a shank. I was fooled. And I despise Spook Lee! Biggest racist ever.

      • Trump is a Neocon, but he is no where as bad a Neocon psycho as Cheney or Bush jr.

        Are you surprised that Trump is not a dictator and cannot simply decree changes?

        Lying activist federal court judges are half the battle.

        • Spot on regarding our joke of a judicial system. Absolutely, totally corrupt at every level. I thought Trump was Divine Intervention, but those hopes have been dashed. Take care.

    • Spike Lee is a Diversity Supremacist psychopath.

      The word “racist” is an invented word, invented by diversity supremacist to apply exclusively to white people.

      Diversity supremacist also invented the phrase “reverse-racism” to describe and excuse their extensive criminality that is directed at white people.

      Diversity supremacist don’t much use the phrase “reverse-racism” because it implies that they are not always victims of white people.

    • A race war would be confusing. Which side would the quadroons and octoroons take? How about mixed-race families? This has been very carefully engineered in movies and TV. in order to create as much chaos as possible. Notice how in advertising they’re showing mainly mixed-race couples?

  3. If you didn’t see it being planned out and SET UP in social policies and privatisations ,and deprivation of public services and profiteering in the public from the last 50 years then your a moron and if you did ,and kept your cake hole shit ,then your an accomplice, an accessory to treason.

    • Trump is a fraud. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But on March 13, he declared a national emergency and handed the reins of control over to FEMA. FEMA is the deFacto government now, although Trump is still acting like he’s in charge. Read the executive orders that have been passed since FEMA was created and you will be disturbed. They will have total control over everyone. We haven’t had any real representation in the Presidency since JFK.

  4. A couple more generations and his descendants will pass for whites. No more white guilt They have to use the blacks fast to maximise their profits from them

  5. I could vomit at their FILTH Their audacious arrogant blatant utter HYPOCRISY . .Anderson Cooper ,look into his private life for a wake up call about white privileg . Look into his CHILDHOID .

  6. Dunno, Shpike, ARE we??? There’s dat projection again, more g.d. projection than an AMC theater…..

  7. He’s right, but we don’t need a CIVIL WAR, we need an all out RACE WAR to remove the black plague that is destroying the USA!

    • That’s the goal of the Cabals to be sure. I’d prefer to see citizens storm the compounds of billionaires and hang their sorry asses. All this chaos is being engineered by them through the MSM, which they own.

    • I supported Trump until I noticed all his “ok” (666) hand gestures while speaking. He lost me when he described the military administering rushed, untested, and ultimately destructive vaccines with force. He has done a 180 on every one of his campaign promises. I, too, was hopeful that a non-politician would right the ship. But he’s just another Zionist billionaire serving the desires of the cabal bankers.

      • you are probably right, but what is biden? There is a slim chance Trump will betray them. Regardless, Jesus said not to worry, these things must come to pass. It is all in God’s hands, and i don’t look to Trump to save me. Trump at least says better things. God works in mysterious ways, so don’t worry too much. This can turn all around in a nano second. Walk with God and you will be fine.

        • Biden is a drooling idiot and a career politician, which is lower than a pimp in my opinion. I’m apolitical. I voted once, when Reagan was running. I ran as a write-in candidate. As far as I know, that was the only vote I got. I pray constantly throughout the day. As Christians, we’ll lose the battle but win the war. But I won’t roll over for anyone. Worried for my spiritually lukewarm to indifferent family, but not at all for myself.

      • yes, i targetted that hand sign early on, and it worried me. then I heard an explanation that it is a jesture of “teaching” but everytime i watch a speech I watch for hand signs.

      • I was trying to see if there was a pattern to that gesture. I was wondering if he held that sign when he was secretly assuring the satanist that what he was saying was a lie and not to worry. Or he could have been doing it to trick them into think he was lying. But thing there is the kushner thing, and how he has the whitehouse filled to the brim with isrealis. and Alan Derkawitz. that guy is pure evil. Alan has exposed himself. Did trump draw him out and let Alan knit his own rope that will hang him soon? i keep swinging back and forth on Trump honestly.

  8. The news media is called Fake news for a reason. They lie to the public and then weak minds believe them. Lately, the news has stated President Trump will refuse to leave. President Trump has never said this at anytime. But I do remember Al Gore, a democrat, refused to accept election results.

    • Remember this quote?

      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

  9. What concerns the people more Spike is that they will have to see and hear you regardless of the outcome of the election, your not well liked Spike take a hint and get in the shadows where you belong, don’t worry you will be seen even in the dark by the few that search for you and your nonsense.

  10. Hey “Spit..er Little Shz spike.. WHERE, when that happens, will you hide? You always “talk” like a “BIG MAN”(you squirt). You, are another Bubba/Smollett/Sharpton/TawanaBrawley POS. This isn’t another one of your garbage “movies”.

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