Neil Oliver: ‘New World Order’ Created COVID Propaganda To Keep Us Enslaved While They Partied at Christmas

Fact checked
Neil Oliver warns NWO created covid propaganda to keep the masses in compliance while they secretly partied

Neil Oliver says the ‘New World Order’ used fear as a propaganda tool to keep the masses compliant while they partied and flouted the nonsensical rules behind our backs.

In a powerful monologue on GB News, Mr. Oliver urged the British public to send a big “f**k you” message to the elites by enjoying a normal Christmas this year and every year going forward. According to Oliver, the spell has been broken and the New World Order’s grip over the population has loosened.


Neil Oliver: The ‘New World Order’ Is on Verge of Collapse – ‘Strongest Smell of Fear Coming From the Elite, Hold the Line’ reports: Neil Oliver is correct.  Hope and joy are the necessary human elements beyond all other facets of life. Give the gift of hope and joy to those you love by first reminding yourself of the gift that a loving God has given us all. It is too easy in our human sense to forget the biggest gift we have been granted, the gift of life. The ability to live and choose how we engage in the lives of others.