Neil Oliver: The ‘New World Order’ Is on Verge of Collapse – ‘Strongest Smell of Fear Coming From the Elite, Hold the Line’

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Neil Oliver declares that the New World Order is on the verge of collapse

Neil Oliver says the ‘New World Order’ is on the verge of collapse as people around the world rise up and reject their attempts to enslave humanity under the guise of protecting them against Covid.

In a powerful monologue on GB News, Mr. Oliver urged viewers to ‘hold the line’ as government’s worldwide are beginning to react with fear at a more informed and angry public. reports: Recent references are not limited to COVID lockdowns and arbitrary totalitarian rules put into place.  The way the government responded to the “yellow vest” movement in France; or the U.K. government efforts to fight Brexit; or the U.S. government response to Donald Trump’s election; these are all examples of those holding power being fearful of the us – a free people.   The elites are fearful, and they will lose.

Those who hold power are fearful. One of the mechanisms they use to manage their need for control is division.  They need vaxxed -vs- unvaxxed. They need left -vs- right. They need identity politics.  They need class war.  They need racism. They need support from Big Tech.  They need to control the media.  They need compartmentalized scrap-grabbers constantly looking down; because if enough people start looking up and seeing through the division, the masses will find unity.

Those who hold tenuous power know the intelligence agencies alone will not be able to protect them from a unified people.   Neil Oliver is 100% correct.