Rand Paul Slams Fauci’s Coronavirus Response

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Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul blasted the ‘medical experts’ on Tuesday during a Senate committee hearing on the government’s response to the coronavirus

Ripping into Dr. Anthony Fauci, Rand Paul said “we need not to be so presumptuous that we know everything.”

“It is a fatal conceit to believe any one person or small group of people has the knowledge necessary to direct an economy or dictate public health behavior,” Paul added “I think government health experts during this pandemic need to show caution in their prognostications.”

Daily Caller reports: The senator accused public health experts of “instilling undue fear” in school teachers over the coronavirus pandemic, and reiterated his desire to see schools reopen in the fall.

“We shouldn’t presume that a group of experts somehow knows what’s best for everyone,” Paul added. “When are we gonna tell the people the truth? That it’s okay to take their kids back to school.”

“We need to not be so presumptuous that we know everything,” Paul continued. “But, my question to you is, can’t you give us a little bit more on schools, so that we can get back to school?”

Fauci responded to Paul, telling him that he agrees with him on the importance of returning kids to school.

“I feel very strongly we need to do whatever we can to get the children back to school,” Fauci said.

Fauci also added that some of his past comments on the ability of sporting leagues and schools to reopen have been taken out of context.

“When things get in the press of what I supposedly said, I didn’t say,” Fauci added. “I never said we can’t play a certain sport.”

“The only thing that I can do is, to the best of my ability, give you the facts and the evidence associated with what I know about this outbreak,” Fauci concluded.