Ramaswamy Demands Media Apologize For Spewing Misinformation

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Vivek Ramaswamy

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has asked members of the press to apologize for spewing misinformation about a Trump-Russia collusion to the American people.

He also went on to ask if they felt responsible for misreporting on the lab origins of Covid and for initially reporting that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinfo.

During a campaign event on Tuesday Ramaswamy asked reporters:“ Just by show of hands, who here is willing to admit that the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was indeed incorrectly reported by the mainstream media. Is there anybody here able to admit that that was incorrect reporting?”

One reporter responded by saying: “It wouldn’t be really appropriate for us to answer your question”

“Why not? Why would that be inappropriate?” Ramaswamy asked “I think what’s inappropriate is lying to the public.”

Infowars reports: Asked if the media’s misreporting of facts could technically be deemed a “lie,” Ramaswamy said he believed “the public was lied to long after the media systematically still understood that this was the product of the Steele dossier.”

“The Steele dossier was a piece of Russian disinformation provided by the Hillary Clinton campaign that was served up to the federal government as a basis for issuing a FISA warrant to then potentially infiltrate a member of the opposition party,” he continued, concluding if President George W. Bush had done the same to John Kerry during the 2004 election it would have been a massive scandal that would have warranted impeachment.

Ramaswamy also went on to ask if members of the media felt responsible for misreporting on the lab origins of Covid and their initial reporting that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinfo.

“Does anyone here agree that the Hunter Biden laptop story as reported by the New York Post was indeed accurately reported and was not Russian Disinformation, but was in fact a factually owned laptop of Hunter Biden?” Ramaswamy asked.

“I mean, you got to man. I mean you your paper reported it,” he told a Post reporter.

He went on to assert the media’s obfuscation of facts and censorship amounted to election interference in the 2020 election, and noted the same corporate censorship is trying to rear its head in 2024.

“Unless we’re able to open and openly and transparently acknowledge the mistakes of the past without acknowledging the mistakes of the past, I think we are destined for an even more dangerous future. And I do not want to see a repeat of what happened in the 12 to 15 months leading up to January of 2021.”

“As somebody who’s looking to lead this country, and hopefully, dare I say, reunite this country, I think it is critical, it is vital to the future of this country that we not repeat those same mistakes, and yet that’s exactly what I’m seeing play out in slow motion, hiding in plain sight.”

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