Amish Farmer, Sentenced To Prison For Processing His Own Meat, Wins Freedom For Christmas

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Processing meat “the old fashioned way” on your own property in the U.S. can now lead to jail time, as has been proven by an Amish man from Pennsylvania who was threatened with a hefty prison sentence and issued a whopping $300,000 fine for doing just that.

Amos Miller said he is being persecuted by the Biden administration for practicing his religious freedom to raise and prepare food the way he believes God intended food to be raised and prepared.

But in what feels like a Christmas Miracle, Amos Miller’s major food freedom case took a turn for the best.

“Amos Miller will not spending Christmas in jail and is no longer facing imminent bankruptcy,” said his attorney, Robert Barnes, in a video interview.

ReturnToNow report:The Amish typically shy away from publicity, as a part of their humble religion, but Pennsylvania farmer Amos Miller decided the USDA’s war against him and other small, organic farmers is the hill he will die on and is prepared to take his battle all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary.

The USDA (aka Big Ag) has been harassing Miller for years – first for his sale of raw milk, and now for his sale of truly raw meat.

Many of us have become aware of the difference between raw, grass-fed milk straight from the farm, and the pasteurized garbage approved by the FDA… but not many of us realize that the expensive, grass-fed, “raw” beef we are buying at the grocery store isn’t really raw.

If it’s USDA-approved, it’s been treated with antibiotic chemicals, which are not accurately labeled as such.

“The USDA processing plants require the meat to be treated with a chemical cocktail of citric acid, lactic acid and peracetic acid,” Miller’s spokeswoman Anke Meyn told “It’s not citric acid from oranges or lactic acid from sauerkraut. It’s all created in a lab. It’s a synthetic sterilizer that causes many health problems.”

Ironically, because Miller does NOT use antibacterial chemicals to sterilize his meat, the USDA considers it “adulterated,” and convinced a federal judge to force him stop selling it several months ago.

The judge also sentenced him to jail for “contempt of court,”  starting December 16, and was going to shut down his farm if he did not immediately pay over $300,000 in fines.

But thanks to alternative media coverage, and public outcry, Miller has been able to raise enough money for a high-profile lawyer, who’s already striking home-runs in the U.S. Court of Appeals!

“Amos Miller will not spending Christmas in jail and is no longer facing imminent bankruptcy,” said his attorney, Robert Barnes, in a video interview.

Barnes also negotiated away a $300,000 judgement that was due immediately, leaving $55,000 in fines due over the next six months. Miller’s “contempt of court” hearing has been cancelled, and the case has been put in stay and abeyance,

Barnes convinced the court to allow Miller to sell meat that’s been locked up in his freezers in the meantime, “so his farm can survive economically while a longer-term solution is negotiated.”

“The long-term solution is to enact a ‘custom exception plan’ that allows people to get the food they want, and farmers to make it the way they want, without the government overseeing it.”

“Here you have a case of people saying ‘I don’t want food the way the USDA wants it,’ and ‘they’re saying nope, you can’t have it that way,’” Barnes said in an earlier interview.

“If you’re shopping at Miller’s farm, you’re not doing it by accident,” Barnes noted about the members of Miller’s private, farm-share-buying-club. “Amos Miller doesn’t sell food to anyone who doesn’t want it exactly how he’s making it.”

“The USDA wants to take what was supposed to be an interstate labeling law, and use it to regulate what foods you can and cannot put into your own body.”

“Look at any study of the Amish and you will find by almost any health metric, they are healthier than the people living off USDA-approved food,” he noted. “And the USDA, you know what they thing is healthy? Bill Gates’ synthetic corn … his fake beef.”

“This is about the USDA’s attempt to monopolize our food supply, and they targeted an Amish farmer to set the precedent.”

You can help Amos continue to fight the good fight for food and health freedom by donating here or here. If he loses, we all lose.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. That’s so old. Growing up in farming country we all, even as, tots, knew farmers had to do as their told by big fascist Corporations acting as farmers good friend, united in privatised fake socialism masking ultimate communism from the Crown or be ruined. For example no farmer could even give sell a friend a pint of milk. That would be illegal. They could only give sell their milk to the Corporation.

    • Exactly so! I lived in farming country for many yrs, what you say is exactly what I found with any farmer I ever talked to. EVERYTHING was very tightly controlled by govt. It was insane.

  2. They poison EVERYTHING. Thank God, they & their evil agencies will soon be destroyed & we will get healthier. Crimes against humanity = execution.

  3. This is the pinnacle of corruption. When governments interfere with the individuals “pursuit of happiness” it exposes their evil.

    • Actually many of us are not allowing it. I’ve followed this story for quite some time. Alot of people
      have spoken up and that’s why they are now a bit more lenient. What they tried to do was utterly
      destroy this man, his farm, his family and his business. He had more orders than he could fulfill.
      He also prayed with all his animals before slaughtering.

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