Tim Robbins Asks for Forgiveness for Supporting COVID Authoritarianism

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Tim Robbins apologises for supporting COVID authoritarianism

Hollywood actor Tim Robbins recently expressed his regret on Russell Brand’s podcast for blindly following government mandates and he slammed authoritarian attitudes that led lockdown supporters to call for the deaths of their political opponents.

Infowars.com reports: While hindsight is indeed 20/20, it should be noted that there were millions of people in the US alone that saw the covid hype for what it was and tried to warn others.

The fear mongering by the government and mainstream media in the face of the covid pandemic was effective in terrorizing at least half the American populace into compliance during the first year of the event.  Many alternative media analysts and many doctors and virologists came out against the mandates early on, warning that the median Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of covid was tiny (0.23% officially) and that the lockdowns were about control rather than public safety.  These people were demonized by the corporate media and threatened with punishment by the government.  They faced censorship, potential joblessness and being denied access to health care.  In some cases they were even labeled “terrorists” for refusing to comply.  

Luckily, half the states in the US rejected the mandates and stood firm against Joe Biden’s efforts to institute vaccine passport rules on American employers and workers.  Had it not been for those conservative state officials and the liberty minded people that fought back, our nation might look more like China today with its draconian “zero covid” policy. 

As we all said from the very beginning, the covid response was about centralizing power over the population using fear.  It was never about saving lives.  The US came within a breath of perpetual medical totalitarianism, and much needs to be learned in terms of public psychology as the dust settles on covid.   


  1. They ask forgiveness and amnesty, but the WHO is insisting the unvax’d are “murderers”… this really smells like a ‘excuse’ distraction.

    Maybe he should see his pal Sean Penn and have a real ‘man-to-man’ talk with that cividiot who thinks that unvax’d should be locked up “in jail”. If he succeeds in turning Sean into a convict, maybe we can start thinking about individual forgiveness for what they did to us all and the world!

  2. The world under the rule of law from the UN funded by the Lucifer Trust, almost turned the whole global health authorities into. FASCISTS. Nazi fascists.
    And only the Pope is the Authority for Rule of Law and there is only one True Church, the Catholic which we now know has been worshipping Satan all along. Thanks to the courage of Pope Francis who has admitted the truth at last and is destroying the evil of centuries from within at last.
    So it seems.

  3. no no no i will not accept any of it these folks called us everything but decent people for not following the gubmints orders because they know better than us and are just trying to protect i have no mercy for any of them the only thing i need the gubmint to protect me from is foreign invasion which it is failing miserably at PHUC K OFF

  4. Sounds like cabal Tim is now working with the white hats. But we won’t forgive or forget all that you’ve done.

  5. The dust isn’t settling at all Covids been recreated now with the new variant called Nightmare
    It won’t settle until all the pleb s are lobotomised.
    Then they will be happy to continue lobotomisibg babies from birth.

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