Transgender Powerlifter’s World Records Have Been REJECTED, Says Federation

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A transgender female weightlifter recently smashed four women's powerlifting world records in a single day after identifying as a woman.

A transgender female weightlifter recently smashed four women’s powerlifting world records in a single day after identifying as a woman.

However, the trans athlete’s world records have now been rejected by the official powerlifting federation, which ruled that “physiological classifications” not “identification” must be used to separate the genders for competition.

100% RAW Powerlifting Federation investigated the records by Mary Gregory and ruled that, despite identifying as a female, the transgender woman’s “correct physiological classification is male.”

Our rules, and the basis of separating genders for competition, are based on physiological classification rather than identification,” said a statement from the Federation’s president, Paul Bossi. 

On the basis of all information presented to the Board of Directors for this particular case, the conclusion made, is that the correct physiological classification is male,” Bossi continued.

Since the lifter’s gender classification for the purpose of our rules is not consistent with female, no female records will be broken by these lifts.”

Transgender powerlifter Mary Gregory had boasted on Instagram about the apparent records on April 28 and 29.

Gregory smashed the world records for the Masters Squat, Open World Bench Press, Masters World Deadlift, and Masters World Total events, and won all nine events out of nine.

As a transgender lifter I was unsure what to expect going into this meet and everyone — all the spotters, loaders, referees, staff, meet director, all made me welcome and treated me as just another female lifter,” Gregory gushed in an Instagram post. “Thank you!”

However news of Gregory’s “victory” over biological females sparked a backlash from female Olympic champions.

British swimmer Sharron Davies, who won a silver medal for Great Britain at the 1980 Olympics, blasted the news.

Davies has been outspoken about transgender females competing with biological females in women’s sports and she tweeted that Gregory has a “male body with male physiology” and that women with female biology simply cannot compete.

It’s a pointless unfair playing field.

Olympic legend Dame Kelly Holmes, who won two gold medals for Great Britain on the track at the 2004 Olympics, also tweeted that trans women competing in women’s sport is “a bloody joke”.

According to Holmes, it will soon be time for biological women to start boycotting women’s sports until the matter is taken seriously.
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