ASTROLOGY: What This Week’s ‘Strawberry Moon’ Means For YOU!

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This week’s Strawberry Moon isn’t strawberry-shaped. It’s not even red. The description comes about because this particular full moon occurs at harvest time. This indicates that now is the best time, astrologically-speaking, for doing a bit of metaphorical harvesting – of facts and information – and making use of all the stuff you’ve learned, worked on or gleaned over the last few months.

The Strawberry Moon is sometimes called The Honey Moon (because of it’s honey-toned hue), very apt for those who are getting married and honeymooning. In fact, although there’s no definite etymological explanations as to the origins of the word ‘honeymoon’, it could well be linked to the fact that the Honey Moon occurs at a time when so many couples choose to get wed.

From an astrological point of view, a Strawberry  Moon is all about insight, revelations and the gathering of information. It affects each sign in different ways. As follows:

Aries – Plans for a trip may be finalised. You could also have some new insights when it comes to the way in which you communicate.

Taurus – Expect some exciting information to come your way about cash. Also, sex comes into focus in a BIG way!

Gemini – A new awareness comes to you regarding your closest relationship. How you play things now is of the utmost significance.

Cancer – Brace yourself for massive revelations at work. On the home front, a project is finally completed. About time too!

Leo – A problem regarding a child or younger relative sorts itself out. If you have a big decision to make, wait until after June 11th.

Virgo – You gain some unexpected but much needed insight into what’s required with regards to an issue involving home and family. (At last!)

Libra – A short trip away from home is indicated. Home or away, lots of learning – a big life lesson even – is coming away. It’s all good though.

Scorpio – Time to make an important decision about money! As you do so, your awareness about your personal finances changes dramatically. No bad thing!

Sagittarius – The Strawberry Moon’s in YOUR sign so, for a while, it’s going to be ALL ABOUT YOU! Fancy a makeover? Go for it (and make it radical)!

Capricorn – You’re set to make a big breakthrough. This could be connected to the past in some way. A fresh emotional start is forecast. And that’s a relief!

Aquarius – A blast from the past charges into your life. How you receive this person has a major effect on your future. Your destiny’s now in your hands.

Pisces – You have a career ‘epiphany’, and this leaves you questioning whether you’re in the right job. Ready for a change? Because it’s coming, ready or not!


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Jacqui Deevoy

Jacqui Deevoy

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Jacqui Deevoy


  1. It is called the honey moon because the first gathering of honey from beehives occurs around this time.

  2. It is called the honey moon because the first gathering of honey from beehives occurs around this time.

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