Activists Demanding America ‘Defund The Police’ Demand Police Protection During Protest – WATCH

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A video in which a police officer exposes the hypocrisy of the leftist "defund the police" movement went viral over the weekend.

A video in which a police officer exposes the hypocrisy of the leftist “defund the police” movement went viral over the weekend.

The unidentified police officer explains in the video that he was called to provide security for protesters.

The officer highlights the irony of protesters calling for protection from cops while demanding that police forces are defunded and in some cases abolished.

“So I come in this morning and we’re informed there’s gonna be a protest to ‘defund the police’,” the cop said.

“Well, that’s fine, I like protests,” he explains.

“Except they requested a police presence, you know, for their safety, at the ‘defund the police’ event,” he continued.

“I s**t you not,” he adds.

It is not clear where in the country the officer serves, as he removed his badge from his uniform for the video.

The badge was presumably taken off so that his location could not be identified.

This news comes after it was revealed that notorious globalist billionaire George Soros is pushing the radical left “defund the police” movement.

An anti-deportation group affiliated with Soros’ Open Society Foundations is one of the groups operating behind the scenes calling to defund or abolish the police, law courts, and even close prisons.

In fact, records show the Soros-affiliated group was involved in the “defund the police” movement as early as 2016 — long before the death of George Floyd brought it to national attention.

The Soros-affiliated group is called Organized Communities Against Deportation (OCAD) and is tied to the financier’s radical Open Society Foundation.

While many Americans see the protests and riots as organic reactions to the death of Floyd, many organized groups are seizing on the chaos to further their own agendas.

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