Soros Launches ‘Putin-Trump’ Fake Conspiracy Website

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George Soros has created a new website that promotes New World Order propaganda and attempts to smear Trump and Putin.

Notorious globalist billionaire George Soros has been exposed as the mastermind and bankroller of a website launched Wednesday that promotes New World Order propaganda and attempts to smear Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

The Soros website features absurd conspiracy theories designed to instil fear in the voting public. This latest attempt by the NWO establishment to mislead Americans features claims that a vote for Trump/Pence this year will lead to a Putin/Trump world in 2017, and that “national security issues are at risk.

Hillary Clinton and her mega-wealthy globalist backers (including George Soros, who has given her millions of dollars and has been exposed issuing orders to her) have become fond of inventing conspiracy theories tying Trump to Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin.

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This is their latest hack job, designed to deceive, drum up fear, and groom the American public for the idea of war.

According to GotNews, the Soros-funded PR firm Ripple Strategies sent out an internal memo from co-founder Glenn Turner Tuesday evening announcing the propaganda site’s imminent launch. The memo described as a site “that rigorously details and analyzes the disturbing, unprecedented ties between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Far more disturbing for others, however, should be the unprecedented lengths to which the Western globalists and their establishment allies will go to torpedo Trump’s campaign and prop up an ailing Hillary Clinton.

The propaganda website admits it is bankrolled by Progress for America PAC, which according to was founded by George Soros this summer — and appears to have been created with the sole purpose of unleashing and it’s globalist disinformation on the voting public during the election season.

The website is astonishingly alarmist, and demonstrates that the Washington establishment are grooming the public for war with Russia. The website even features the hammer and sickle prominently — a hypocritical touch considering only four years ago senior Democrats were mocking Republicans for failing to realize the Cold War is over.

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Soros and his globalist allies – intent on ushering in a New World Order – would have you believe that Trump’s realistic approach to Russia and his desire for cooperation in the fight against militant Islam is more of a threat to national security than the Western globalist elite’s continued anti-Russian aggression and imperialistic saber-rattling in Eastern Europe.

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