George Soros Gives Hillary $25 Million To Guarantee White House Win

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Hillary Clinton promised to “get money out of politics" on the same day she accepted a $25 million dollar donation from George Soros.

Hillary Clinton performed the oldest magic trick in the book – pay attention to this hand while I do something else with the other – when she said “we will work to get money out of politics” on the same day she accepted a $25 million dollar donation from George Soros.

Don’t expect to read anything in the mainstream media about puppet master George Soros emerging from the shadows to steer Clinton’s campaign. There is no investigative journalism left in the corporate media. Have you heard any mention of election fraud? Any discussion of James Comey’s outrageous recommendation not to prosecute? Any probe into Loretta Lynch’s evasive lies?

The elite want things to be this way. The current system is working perfectly for the 1% that it benefits. They are behind the curtain manipulating everything – including the tanking economy – for their interests. It’s out there now in plain view thanks to the Internet, social media and cell phone cameras. But here’s the catch – most people are too tired, broke and disheartened to care.

“That’s just how it is,” is what people think now sadly, and that’s exactly what those in power wanted all along. Americans are overworked, have massive debt, little or no vacation time, and are one broken leg or financial emergency away from economic ruin. As long as times are tough and people are surviving paycheck to paycheck, they will never muster the time or energy to rise up against an elite ruling class that pays lip service to progressive change, but is actually serving the interests of New World Order masters.

Hot Air reports:

Billionaire George Soros is once again opening his wallet to help Democrats win an election. It didn’t work out so well for Soros when he dumped $27 million into the 2004 election to defeat George W. Bush. Since then Soros has reportedly held back on going all in but, as Politico reports, that is changing in 2016:

“People close to Soros say he seems more politically engaged than he’s been in years, motivated they say by a combination of faith in Clinton and fear of her GOP rival Donald Trump, who Soros has accused of “doing the work of ISIS” by stoking fears.”

Eventually Politico gets to a list of Soros’ donations:

“Through the end of June, Soros had donated $7 million to a super PAC supporting Clinton called Priorities USA Action, according to FEC filings, making it the biggest recipient of his political largesse this cycle. And three Democratic operatives say he’s considering donating another $3 million to the group.

FEC records also show Soros gave $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century, an opposition research super PAC that has been targeting Trump and other Republican candidates, and $700,000 to an assortment of Democratic party committees, PACs and campaigns, including Clinton’s.”

American Bridge is the SuperPAC founded by Clinton crony David Brock, who also runs Media Matters. In addition, Soros is reportedly giving $5 million to a Latino voter outreach group called Immigrant Voters Win and $5 million to the Voting Rights Trust, a group that fights in court against state laws requiring ID to vote. That latter commitment is one Soros made more than a year ago according to the NY Times.

The story notes the irony of Soros, who opposes Citizens United because it allows too much big money in politics, spending big money supporting Hillary. A source close to Soros says he once called it ‘odious’ that billionaires like himself had so much influence and cited that feeling as a reason to pull back on giving after 2004.

But all of that seems out the window this election cycle. Now Soros is spending freely even as he donates the legal maximum ($5,000) to a group called End Citizens United. He’s really against this sort of ‘money in politics’ and so is Hillary (cough, cough) just not if the money is flowing in her direction.

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