Skittles Facing Backlash After Releasing LGBTQ & BLM Packaging

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The childrens candy brand Skittles is facing backlash after partnering with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to ‘support the LGBTQ+ community and including ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ messaging on the packaging.

Images of packet on social media sparked outrage on Twitter, with many comparing the ‘woke’ marketing to Dylan Mulvaney being used in Bud Light advertising. 

InfoWars reports: Skittles, the borderline poisonous kids candy, is the latest product to throw all in with wokeness after it released special edition packaging celebrating transgenderism and the Black Lives Matter organisation.

The normal red and rainbow packaging has been replaced with black and white packet replete with a trans flag and the phrase “Black Trans Lives Matter”.

It’s like they’re now actively seeking backlash:

People were also a little confused about another phrase on the packet. It said “joy is resistance,” prompting some to ask what actual resistance was taking place:

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