UK Govt Has Launched “Campaign of Mass Fear” Against Public Says Frederick Forsyth

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Frederick Forsyth

English novelist and journalist Frederick Forsyth has accused the British government of waging a “campaign of mass fear” against the public by using psychological methods to ensure compliance with lockdown meaures.

The best selling author said the tactics resembled those used against East Berliners in the 1960’s.

The outspoken author has previously said that the peole had been conned into unnecessary panic and frighened people would buy whatever COVID-19 lies they were told.

Forsyth latest remarks were made in reponse to an article published in the Telegraph which exposed the “covert tactics” being used by the UK government to frighten the public into complying with COVID regulations.

Summit news reorts: The article quoted a retired NHS consultant clinical psychologist who warned that there was “growing concern within my field about using fear and shame as a driver of behaviour change.”

Gary Sidley and 46 of his colleagues wrote to the British Psychological Society to express “concerns about the activities of Government-employed psychologists … in their mission to gain the public’s mass compliance with the ongoing coronavirus restrictions.”

The letter states that the UK government is deploying “covert psychological strategies – that operate below the level of people’s awareness – to ‘nudge’ citizens to conform to a contentious and unprecedented public health policy.”

Commenting on the article, Frederick Forsyth, author of classic thrillers such as The Day of the Jackal and The Odessa File, wrote to the Telegraph to express his alarm about how the British public had been terrorized by lockdown propaganda.

“Congratulations to the Telegraph and Gordon Rayner for revealing that the campaign of mass fear that reduced a once brave nation to trembling terror was deliberately organised to secure obedience to the policy of lockdown,” wrote Forsyth.

“I have only once before seen anything like it. This was when I was posted to East Germany in 1962. Such a brainwashing tactic was employed to frighten East Berliners into believing that the Berlin Wall was a defensive measure to protect them from tiny West Berlin, and that the Stasi was their guardian. The wall was of course an instrument of enslavement.”

“I never thought that the government of a country whose uniform I once wore with such pride would sink so low. Those responsible should be identified without delay and ousted from all office over us.”


  1. Yes the UK is the launch pad for the global arena That’s since Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre ,all the worlds a stage, all that Everyone must know their place Learn their lines, play their part .Discipline and training are essential services for a well behaved kennel.

  2. All corrupt western governments are currently doing it. There needs to be a great reset with government. Execute all current governments and start over.

    • It’s the bureaucrats ,the snakes hidden behind the scenes ,theyre the real problem The elected officials are really their agents puppets controlled by their advisors and speech writers and bankers bankers bankers .Old ancient Italian/ Turkish Roman families .Pallavacinis Borghezes etcetera The names you never ever really hear .Too powerful.

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