Angry Crowd Attack Serbian PM At Srebrenica Memorial [VIDEO]

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Serbian Prime Minister Alexander Vucic was attacked with stones at the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre

Srebrenica 1995

In 1995 Serb paramilitary units rounded up Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica and in front of the United Nations and world media committed genocide.

The Serbian paramilitaries had announced their intentions of committing a genocide on the Muslim Srebrenicans in advance of their cowardice act. After they walked into Srebrenica that was supposed to be safeguarded under United Nations Jurisdiction, they casually bypassed the personal and without worries of repercussions from world leaders went ahead with pre-announced executions and rapes. People like former U.S President Bill Clinton and his Secretary of State at the time, Madeleine Albright, mused and did nothing at the time of the massacre.
Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright did the same during the “Rwandan Massacre,” namely nothing.

After watching movies coming out of Hollywood decade after decade about Nazi Germany during WWII and the plight of the Jews, it was a shame having to watch the Srebrenica genocide on film, captured by Serb forces for their amusement.

During the “Rwandan Massacre” which preceded Srebrenica, the western media were all broadcasting the merits of a new film at the time called “schindler’s list”, about WWII Nazi Germany and the plight of the Jews. The world was looking away during the 100 days that killed Rwanda. It was busy celebrating a film made in Hollywood about Jewish genocide.

The world was present at Srebrenica the following year, but worse than looking away, the so called civilized world actually and indirectly helped present the population of Srebrenica to the Serbian forces for a pre-planned massacre.

Since that day the United Nations and the western powers have suffered a credibility problem with Muslims and others.

Alexander Vucic and the Serbian delegation had to flee the Potocari Memorial Center in Srebrenica after coming under attack by grieving old Bosnian mothers and other angry mourners.

Sputnik News reports:

A number of individuals from the crowd that gathered at Potocari attacked the security of the Serbian delegation in an attempt to reach Vucic, leading to a physical altercation.

According to reports, Prime Minister Vucic was hurt when a stone hit him in the face breaking his glasses before being leaving the ceremony, held at the Potocari Memorial Center at Srebrenica.

“The Prime Minister was hit in the face by a stone, he is injured, but it’s not serious,” a member of the Serbian delegation told the Serbian Blic newspaper.

“They were throwing stones, shoes, whatever they came with.”

Bosnian newspaper Dnevni Avaz reported that Bosnian police arrested a member of the group which attacked Vucic and the Serbian delegation as they passed by a crowd of people at the Potocari Memorial Center, where the remains of the victims of Srebrenica are buried.

The ceremony at Srebrenica was also attended by the presidents of Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro, the prime ministers of Albania and Turkey and former US President Bill Clinton, who commended Vucic and the President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic for coming to the ceremony. “As a friend of Bosnia I would like to thank the premier of Serbia for showing the courage to come here today,” said Clinton.

After he arrived at the memorial ceremony, Vucic wrote a message in the book of condolences, and was greeted by the organization ‘Mothers of Srebrenica.’srebrenica

“Thank you for coming,” said president of the organization Hatidza Mehmedovic to Vucic, who pinned the Flower of Srebrenica, a symbol of remembrance, on the lapel of the Prime Minister’s jacket.

Before arriving in Srebrenica Vucic had issued a statement which he condemned the “terrible crime” which happened at Srebrenica, and explained his reasons for attending the memorial, which marks 20 years since the tragedy in 1995.

“Twenty years have passed since the terrible crime that happened at Srebrenica. There are no words which can express the sorrow and sadness for those who suffered, and the anger and bitterness towards those who committed that monstrous crime. Serbia, clearly and unequivocally, condemns that terrible crime, abhors those who took part in it and will continue to bring them to justice.”

“It is my responsibility to bow before the victims, an act with which we can move towards the future,” said Vucic.

On Friday, Russia called on the UN to bring the perpetrators of the Srebrenica massacre to justice.


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