Video: CNN Masturbator Toobin Says Pedophile Laws Are ‘Too Strict’

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CNN's Jeffrey Toobin complains pedophile laws are too strict

Amid the questioning of pro-pedophilia Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on Tuesday, CNN’s Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin admitted that he thinks the child rape laws are too harsh.

Toobin, who was temporarily suspended for masturbating live on a Zoom call in 2020, appeared on the network Tuesday to discuss his very peculiar views on pedophilia, and concluded that the line of questioning on pedophilia by Republicans is part of an appeal to right wing conspiracy theorists. reports: Jackson spoke further about the subject Tuesday:

“I just have one point about these kiddie porn cases,” CNN’s Toobin stated following Jackson’s comments, noting “This came up, I remember, when I was an assistant U.S. Attorney back in the 90’s when those sentencing guidelines were written for those cases, this was a time when the people who committed these crimes would order individual photos and get them usually through email and they would be sentenced based on the number of photos they possessed.”

He continued, “Federal judges have been struggling with the issue of how do you create a fair system that was designed pre-internet, yet you have to sentence people post-internet.”

Toobin further stated “Judges across the country, including Republican-appointed judges, have been saying ‘look, we can’t apply the rules that were designed pre-internet for an internet society and many judges have been giving somewhat less sentences as a result.”


In a further appearance, Toobin suggested that kiddie porn and rampant pedophilia is some sort of batshit QAnon conspiracy theory.

“This was really extraordinary. You have a judge here who has been on the bench for ten years almost. And we had the entire half-hour of Senator Hawley’s question about a single case where he got to recite the grisly details of, and say pedophilia over and over again,” Toobin complained after Wolf Blizter bemoaned “Senator Josh Hawley trying to paint Judge Jackson as somehow sympathetic to child porn offenders.”

Toobin continued, “This is about appealing to the QAnon audience, this cult that is a big presence in Republican Party politics now, that is – where Senator Hawley is trying to ingratiate himself with that group and run for president with their support.”

CNN’s resident wanker added “This has very little to do with Judge Jackson who, as has come out throughout the hearing today, is one of many judges who have found the sentencing guidelines in these child porn possession cases excessive.”

Senior political correspondent Abby Philip also agreed with Toobin that Hawley is engaging in a “dog whistle to the kind of QAnon-right.”


Jackson was further grilled on the matter Tuesday by Senator Ted Cruz, who asked “Do you believe the voice of the children is heard when 100 percent of the time you’re sentencing those in possession of child pornography to far below what prosecutors [were] asking for?” 

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