WWIII: NATO to Deploy 10,000 Troops to Ukraine

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NATO to deploy 10,000 troops to Ukraine in an of World War 3

NATO is preparing to deploy over 10,000 troops to Ukraine in anticipation of World War 3, according to reports.

Polish news outlet Onet reports that President of Poland Andrzej Duda is waiting on a green light from the White House to allow him to create a no fly zone in the area.

Created by the Polish Ministry of Defense, the plan would involve deploying 10,000 NATO troops formed of an international contingent to Ukraine to “protect humanitarian corridors” and enforce a no fly zone over them.

“It means setting up military units, at a distance from the frontlines, that would be tasked with defending humanitarian convoys with food and medicine and the ones allowing civilians to escape danger,” the Polish article states.

Summit.news reports: Of course, the official reason for sending the troops and the real reason could very well be somewhat different in nature.

According to ReMix News, “One of the scenarios includes implementing a no-fly zone over the largest of Ukraine’s cities, which would mark a serious escalation and likely a direct conflict with Russia.”

The plan is seemingly on hiatus because of a disagreement between President Duda and the Ministry of Defence with Law and Justice (PiS) leadership because Duda wants Washington’s approval before going ahead.

According to the report, the White House will consider the plan before Thursday’s NATO summit in Brussels before a decision is made.

PiS head Jaroslaw Kaczynski previously visited Kiev, where he appealed to NATO powers to implement the “peace mission.”

“I would like to appeal to conscience of the European leaders. I think that it is necessary to have a peace mission: NATO, possibly some wider international structure. But a mission that will be able to defend itself, which will operate on Ukrainian territory,” said Kaczynski.


  1. It`s a staged war in a DMZ just a backwoods war theater NUNN-Lugar 97 no GDP NO WW3RD WW-III a weapons provings grounds world showcase for arms sells and MO money$ 1% running the show.10,000 gone in one blankey bombing IF putin want2.It is a planned and staged war zone and planned and staged NUNN-LUGAR a staged UK PROPAGANDA MACHINE by proxy with the UK owning 98% of all american broadcasting-ANTI-trust.It is a staged war with a russian and china arms reduction agreement signed over 20 years ago.NO WTO NO GDP.The real battle was for KAZAHSTAN the largest land locked country in the world and 9th overall in size and happened on jan 6th 2022 a transcontinental country in central asia and eastern europe with china and russian borders.It lasted about ten mins and it was resecured by all countrys by proxy for it`s vast oils and metals a huge GDP and WTO stockpile and thats when the gas and food went up,nothing in ukraine but a crazy war lord WAR drumming for your and everyones dollars.It will never go WW-III it is only a showcase for the WAR LORDs running the world the RICH LOVE WAR money money money power even hillary wants MORE WAR just more covid money and population reduction

  2. They the world power all signed off on it way before it even started.ALGORITHMS of about every staged war since WW2 and even seen before that RUN the softwear and see for yourself before you TOO start WAR drumming for WW3 for war profits and FOrt brag N rights for killin for nothing again one more 15 year WAR by proxy lobbyist FN us over and FN over OUR GOVERMENT

  3. Americans and much of the people of the NATO Cabal are in an emotional frenzy over events in Ukraine. Force-fed an unending stream of provocative propaganda. The moves described in the article could well be attempted. War has already been declared by Washington against Russia and any who aid her.. and is being prosecuted by indirect means and Ukrainian Proxies. Lucky we still have Dad’s bomb shelter from the 50s. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bd713c17d431424bc772c690996436b2ad7bb1d4d384ba5a58fa9ec33e1b8425.png

    • I’m old enough to remember those bomb shelters. Everyone was afraid “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming.”

      • And again now? Another ruse. It’s very obvious the anti-Russia programming going on in America and the NATO poodle countries. I’m not pro-Russia, I’m pro-Americans.. and I don’t see what our propaganda and policy towards Russia and Putin does except incite war and division. This is a cynical effort of the Biden/Clinton/Obama criminal clique to retain power by declaring America is under attack (when we are not). They will demand more sacrifices beyond inflation! And from what I see? very many Americans will pony up! And for what?

        • Agreed. It’s insanity what these people are advocating for. They are so pro-Ukraine, yet have NO idea what is going on there, history of the country and it’s relationship to Russia, etc. I was in Ukraine and USSR in 1977, there were Nazis in Ukraine there then and still are. I think Putin is there to clean out Nazis, pedos, deep state cabal. Let’s let him do it, he will be doing the world a favor. Biden is up to his neck in corruption in Ukraine, which was turned into a deep state cess pool in 2014, major hub for child/sex/pedo/drug traficking and Nazis. Only reason Biden wants to fight is to protect his own sordid interests and cover up his numerous crimes in Ukraine. I refuse to participate in protecting that pedo.

    • Nice digs I use to GUARD the governer`s NUCLEAR BUNKER back in the mid west and GUARD THE NATIONAL GUARD for $2.75 per hour GOOD TIMES for SURE if you like living on popcorn&coffee YES just like the old days

  4. THREE DOG NIGHT has a better chance of being on the TOP of the charts again than WW3 ever has of chance of happening with no fuel and food the west will be done before they hope it will ever start in their MINDs only MA MAD MAD MADDnessly WAR LUST CRAZYSS

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