Musk Calls For Fauci To Be Prosecuted Over Suppression Of Covid Information

Fact checked

Elon Musk has hinted that he’ll be releasing Twitter files related to the White House Covid Response Team leader Dr. Anthony Fauci and the pandemic.

On Sunday he tweeted: “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci”

Musk also posted a meme mocking Fauci continually advising a senile Joe Biden to keep locking people down to fight the covid virus.

InfoWars reports: When asked if he was about to release Twitter Files on COVID and the “suppression of what has turned out to be factual information,” Musk responded, “Oh it is coming bigtime.”

His declaration was met with delight by Republicans on Twitter, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) joking she “affirms” Musk’s new pronouns.


  1. Elon and Fraudchi have a “KMA card” given to them by the Rockerfellers. Kiss My Ass card. Nothing on earth will ever be able to touch them while the Central banks have power to print money. But there is God that is about to step in on these a holes.

  2. I got banned for the free speech comment section of Zerohedge for this comment.

    OMG, what about the constant data gathering Google, FB, does to our children, and us? Constantly, deceptively. If your child walked by their computer coming back from the shower, google has that video. That is how bad it is. Your computer is not your computer, you just pay for it and use it. Microsoft, Google, FB have free reign over your computer. they update it when they want, they upload files on to your computer when they want, they grab your off line content and activity systematically when they want.

    You think the frequent Microsoft updates are really updates to your computer? No they are updating your off line activity into their files.

    Somehow the forth amendment is being ramsacked by these companies. The excuse is that they are private companies and they are allowed to this. NO! No one can violate your 4th amendment rights, NO ONE!

    That is like saying it is ok, since I am a private individual, I can walk over my neighbor’s house and peak in thier windows. Heck, I am not the government. I am a private individual. it is ok.

    You people are stupid.

    • Nah man. You have a VIRUS on your machine, and the name of that virus is MICROSOFT WINDOWS. I would urge you to delete that virus ASAP by switching to a real operating system like Linux Mint. Unlike the (non) operating system known as Windows, Linux is free because it’s not the product of a US government-affiliated corporation. Linux is a community of feedom-oriented users, and that’s why the system actually works, and nothing happens on your machine without your explicit say-so. I switched to Linux 6 years ago and I’m never going back to Windows. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. Getting rid of Windows is one way to distance yourself from the overarching power of the state and its incursion into your daiily life by billionaires like Bill Gates, son of SATAN, FATHER OF LIES!

        • The way I found mine is by going on eBay and doing a search for desktop computers using the Linux operating system. Found one that was in my price range and the seller had good feedback, so I contacted the seller, asking him if he would be willing to customise it to my specifications. He was willing to work with me, so since he had his auction set up with a “Make an Offer” option I added 20 Euros to that and got the item. I then told him exactly what I wanted set up, and a couple days later my machine arrived. Specifically I asked him to set it up with English language support (both he and I live in Germany but my command of German is less than college-level) with Skype, Thunderbird and Mozilla installed. I followed all his instructions and was able to transfer all my photos, texts, music, and movies onto the new machine in no time. It was easier than I thought it would be, and the reason I say that is because I had tried installing Linux a couple times before and was never able to do it by myself. By starting out with a brand-new machine with Linux pre-installed I was able to start using it immediately and gain some degree of proficiency in its daily use.

  3. Nobody is going to be Arrested. Nobody is going to be Prosecuted. And, Nobody will ever go to jail.
    Fauci is an Owned Political Puppet and is in the Protected Class.
    These people are above the law.

  4. not only Dr. Fraudci, but all of those involved in the planning, designing, manufacturing, promoting, distributing and injecting this bioweapon should be rounded up and publicly hanged (re-use the rope to reduce public expense).

  5. Elon, yo Elon, what’s this I hear about you visiting brothels in Russia? Planning on pumping and dumping any other cryptos? Maybe that’s why Chappelle’s audience booed ya…. Ain’t no superhero Elon… At this point, badmouthing Fauci is just preaching to the choir

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