‘Midazolam Matt’ To Make ‘Serious Documentary’ On Assisted Dying

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Well he'd know all about that..

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock is apparently planning to make a ‘series of serious’ documentaries when he steps down as an MP

The former health secretary, also known as Midazolam Matt, announced that he would not be standing in the next election and that he plans to make ‘serious documentaries’ on issues, that he is familiar with, like assisted dying.

Hancock has already assisted in the deaths of countless numbers of innocent people in care homes across the UK, where Midazolam & morphine were used on eldelry patients in vast quantities during the pandemic.

It is understood that after his celebrity jungle stint, Hancock, who is a strong supporter of ‘assisted dying’ has received a number of offers from major broadcasters and is considering a new career as a documentary presenter, according to the Telegraph.

The Mail Online reports: Last week the MP for West Suffolk announced he would not be standing in the next election, just days after finishing third place in the ITV reality show. He also broke the news in a social media on TikTok.

Writing to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Mr Hancock said he had discovered a ‘whole new world of possibilities’ after escaping Westminster for a brief period and believes he can ‘influence the public debate’ away from Parliament.

He said his time in the jungle allowed him to re-think and find ‘new ways’ to ‘communicate with people of all ages and from all backgrounds’.

Sources close to Mr Hancock told The Telegraph that he decided he supported assisted dying over the pandemic when a colleague who was terminally ill wished to end their own life.

He previously had been against the practice, which is banned in the UK, but while he was serving in Boris Johnson’s cabinet he ordered a review of evidence on assisted dying.

Parliament’s health committee has since launched an inquiry into the issue, with findings expected to be published next year.  

Historically MPs have been given a ‘free vote’ on assisting dying – meaning they do not have to vote with their party line – because it is consider a conscience issue.

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