CNN Host Left Reeling at Historic Wave of Black Support for Trump

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CNN host left reeling after noticing historic wave of support for Trump.

CNN host Harry Enten was left reeling this week when he reported on the historic wave of black voters supporting Trump and turning their backs on Joe Biden.

Enten detailed how Trump is on course to win a whopping 20 percent of Black voters, double what Republican candidates usually achieve. In the demographic of Black voters under 50, Biden’s support has halved in the last few years.

“I keep looking for this to change, to go back to a historical norm, and it, simply put, has not yet,” Enten admitted. reports: “In 2020, Joe Biden was getting 86 percent of the African American vote. Look at where it is now. It’s 70 percent, that’s a 16-point drop,” Enten explained, adding “And more than that, it’s not just that Joe Biden is losing ground. It’s that Donald Trump is gaining ground…from 7 percent, single-digits at this point in 2020, to now 21 percent.”

“We’re careening towards a historic performance for a Republican presidential candidate, the likes of which we have not seen in six decades,” the exasperated reporter proclaimed.

Enten continued, “Look at black voters under the age of 50. Holy cow, folks, holy cow. Look at this. Joe Biden was up by 80 points among this group back at this point in 2020, look at where that margin has careened down towards. It’s now just, get this, 37 points. That lead has dropped by more than half.“

Enten further noted that Black voters are “leaving in droves” to join the Trump train.

“I’ve just never seen anything like this. I’m like speechless because you always look at history and you go, ‘Okay, this is a historic moment.’ If this polling is anywhere near correct, we’re looking at a historic moment right now,” the reporter emphasised.

It’s not just Black voters either. Biden is haemorrhaging support among young people in general.

Is it really any wonder though? He’s 81, can barely speak and acts like a dementia patient. Worse still, the White House is pathetically trying to cover it up by suggesting the daily videos of Biden doddering around and having to be led about by the hand are somehow fake.

Practically the only base of support Biden has left at this point is that of overpaid out of touch Hollywood actors.

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